The day the rains came to the mall. Plenty of trees were toppledwires came down and power went out after a freak flash storm. The Eaton Centre was also rather dampened within, as captured in this live leak:

John Fraser will be the Ontario Liberal voice you rarely hear. The seven-member caucus endorsed the Ottawa South MPP to lead it through the wilderness. (Fraser initially landed at Queen’s Park to take over the former riding of Dalton McGuinty, whose constituency office he ran for years beforehand.) Many candidates shunned party branding in the last few weeks of the election, but none more blatantly than his, to “STOP Doug Ford.”

Patrick Brown might be doing all those new photo-ops just for fun. Rumours that the former Ontario PC leader might run for chair of Peel region reached the National Post—although Brown says it’s “premature” for him to make a decision. Regardless, he keeps sharing selfies at @brownbarrie, a handle that's a location change away from a rotten banana:

“I was in denial about the possibility of a Conservative majority, and I’m very concerned about what the impact will be from a Doug Ford administration.” Councillor Janet Davis raised the spectre of DoFo as a factor in her decision not to seek re-election after 15 years as city councillor for Beaches-East York. A revival of Ford Nation chaos is also being pondered by councillor John Fillion.

Justin Trudeau’s new Donald Trump resistance status can’t transcend clichés. Recent POTUS-related events supplied the PM with gravitas, but that didn’t stop the New York Times from resorting to a patronizing line: “It takes a lot to rile people in this decidedly courteous nation.” And here’s Adam Gopnik, rambling about social capital to reinforce his position as the most indefatigable Canadasplainer:

The perfect length for a successful Canadian TV show has been found. The late Jim Eagan’s failed-but-influential effort to get a same-sex spousal pension is the focus of the latest Heritage Minute, directed by Closet Monster filmmaker Stephen Dunn. The short-attention-friendly style is also surely a factor in the volume of press it has received:

Banksy cash-in gets exactly what it asks for. There’s no point in telling the 50,000 people who have already paid $35 to see The Art of Banksy to get refunds, but the exhibit is already getting some scathing reviews, including an especially exasperated one from the Globe and Mail. And now, a subversive twist! Police are investigating a report that a piece of artwork was stolen during the setup.

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APTN will give this name to its new Indigenous radio station—a second attempt to launch the format at 106.5.

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