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Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet 2018

Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock, and that rock is on the moon, you have heard that the Toronto Raptors are going to the NBA finals for the first time in history! It’s a huge accomplishment for the team and Ontario’s first taste of a major championship final since the Blue Jays in 1993 (and that ended well!). Game one has already passed, but to get you ready for game 2, we’re pouring something to match the team, the Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet. It’s Raptors-red (of course), with a strong character and bold moves (in the glass). Go Raptors!

Tasting Notes: The 2018 Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet is a blend of 60% Malbec and 40% Cabernet, with a balanced delivery of cassis, red cherry, ripe blackberry and spice notes. The round tannins give it an easy-drinking style, helpful to calm the senses as the finals heat up!

Enjoy With: Toronto Raptors games, chicken wings, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and Kawhi Leonard’s dunks.

Style: A fruity, medium-bodied, Raptors-red wine.

Terroir/Region: Mendoza, Argentina is now known as a world class wine region, but did you know that you can own your own vineyard there? The Vines of Mendoza organization helps interested wine enthusiasts purchase small vineyards, plant them, maintain them, and even assist through harvest and vinifying your crop! Although land prices are not the same as the Napa Valley, it would probably help to have an NBA salary to get started.

Producer: Fuzion has long-been a source of great wines at affordable prices, and now with the move into organics, Fuzion is stepping up its quality while lowering its environmental impact. With the Argentine climate helping to make going organic easier, producers are following suit faster than Leafs fans jumping on the Raptors bandwagon! We love it all!

Availability: Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet is available year-round in the Argentina section of your local LCBO and is $2 off until June 23! Pour a glass and cheer for a championship!

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Price: SAVE $2.00 until June 23. Was $13.00. Now $11.00

LCBO#: #127456

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 13.9% alc./vol.