“Still can’t find the chaos in Toronto the NDP is claiming. Beautiful morning in the provincial capital.” A tweet before dawn from social services minister Lisa MacLeod brought on a torrential ratio of replies schooling her on the damp aftermath of reality. MacLeod claimed she was referring to “democratic reform” debates, with apologies to those who felt her snark affronted the flooded.

Scenes from a really rainy night. You know a storm is serious when it’s followed by a day of content about it: from passengers fleeing a streetcar to the escape by Shakira. Most terrifying was the story of two men rescued from an elevator at Jane and St. Clair, who escaped after much panic and praying.

Jagmeet Singh will quit Toronto if Burnaby voters let him. The NDP leader finally announced his by-election bid to sit in the House of Commons—even though the seat he's after, which was last won by Vancouver mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart, may not be so safe. Most importantly, Singh's recent marraige to Gurkiran Kaur makes it possible for him to do voter-friendly photo ops with a spouse:

Saudi Arabia oughta cheer B.C. rebuke of John A. Macdonald. A statue of Canada’s first PM will be removed from the steps of Victoria city hall as a gesture of reconciliation with First Nations. The statue will be replaced by a plaque, and will get an eventual recontextualization. The move should also satisfy Saudi demands that Canada deal with its own drama—even though the kingdom’s Twitter army has moved on to trolling about Tim Hortons.

Pondering the future of the Paradise Theatre. The renewal of the 1006 Bloor West art deco cinema gets perspective from Globe and Mail architourist Dave LeBlanc. When the Paradise shuttered in 2006, a second-run movie theatre was more viable than it is now, which is why this reincarnation will focus more on being a Bloorcourt community hub.

Sidewalk Toronto is where irony goes to die. The next public consultations about Alphabet’s smart city are coming around the corner with suspicion. The project showroom at 307 Lake Shore East remains open for people to ponder the meaning of milk crates, while the international media continues to catch wind of what still sounds a little Orwellian:

Bradley Daymond dead at 48. The original member of dance music act Love Inc. went on to work with ’N Sync, but was recently sidelined by health issues. Daymond co-wrote pop hits as the quiet sidekick to DJ Chris Sheppard and singer Simone Denny—who explains that “he didn’t leave Love Inc. voluntarily.”

Word of the moment


Dollarama recalled a toy that its stores sold 516,125 of, because of a chemical that may cause “developmental abnormalities” if sucked or chewed on for long periods of time.

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