It’s the Season for Seeding

If your lawn needs seeding, now is the time. Fall is the absolute best time to plant grass. The time is right for a strong start.

Fall’s milder temperatures decrease competition from weeds and disease. Plus, young seedlings have about nine months to build strength before facing next summer’s heat.

Plant early for the best results. Make sure grass seed is in the ground four to six weeks before the first frost, while soil temperatures are still above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Roots below the soil keep developing even after the foliage goes dormant.


Nothing causes more seeding projects to fail than lack of water. With new seed, use light, frequent watering. Seeds need continuous moisture in the top half-inch of the soil to germinate. In fact, seedbeds that dry out for just one day can reduce germination by 30%. Two days without moisture reduces germination by 50%. You should water two to four times a day in sunny weather.

Keep up the frequent watering even after you see the first grass. If your seed mixture contained several kinds of grasses, you’re only seeing the first kind, which is usually perennial ryegrass. The other grasses will continue to germinate for three to four more weeks. Plus, young grass seedlings without many roots still need your help with water. You can also use a slow-release fertilizer to give young grass plants an extra boost.

If you have questions about seeding or which type of grass to use, be sure to give us a call soon.

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