Maximum Enjoyment

Missing out on the summer starts with not realizing your property's full potential. By taking advantage of your outdoor spaces, you can expand your home's living areas while allowing yourself to more fully enjoy the warm months.

Much of the time, we spend summers indoors because it's simply too hot outside. Introducing shade to your outdoor living area reduces the perceived temperature by 10-15 degrees. Structures such as roofs or awnings help make your deck or patio cool and inviting. Natural “walls” of shrubs and bushes create shade as they cool the air through the natural process of photosynthesis. Finally, many outdoor rooms with a roof can be fitted with a ceiling fan, which can furnish a comfortable, shady breeze.

With the practical issue of shade addressed, you can visualize how you would like to use your outdoor space. Possibilities range from quiet sitting areas to lavish outdoor living rooms and kitchens. Seating capacity, natural landscaping, and decorative features such as fire and water elements can all be tailored to fit your plans.

You would be surprised how much livability can be created in a modest amount of space. The journey to gorgeous summer living begins now!

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