At LUNGevity, we strive to keep you up to date with the progress being made in lung cancer research. In February, LUNGevity Director of Science Communications and Programs Upal Basu Roy, PhD, MPH, attended the annual IASLC Targeted Therapies Conference in Santa Monica. He shares key findings in our new Expert Blog, "Outwitting lung cancer: Recent developments in targeted therapies."

Key points to note:

1. We are learning how to counter resistance to targeted therapy.

2. New treatment approaches to previously hard-to-treat subtypes of lung cancer are showing real hope. These include KRAS-mutant lung cancer, squamous cell lung cancer, and small cell lung cancer.

3. LUNGevity awardees and Scientific Advisory Board members are major contributors in the field of targeted therapy. Their research is moving the field ahead and making an impact on the lives of lung cancer patients.

Interested in learning more about LUNGevity awardees moving the field forward? Six inspiring stories of advances in lung cancer research can be found in our 2015 Annual Report: Driving Progress, Improving Outcomes.

LUNGevity's 2015 Annual Report