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City of Quesnel Conducts Final Feasibility Study for Innovative Community Energy System in North Cariboo. More here.


Getting to Carbon Neutral: Listen in on the latest free web-based seminar  from the Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development here.

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Community and Corporate Engagement towards Climate Action Targets

Where is your community at in the Climate Action Planning Process?

Climate Action Planning is an ongoing process.
It pays to revisit where you are at in the process.

Community-wide climate action planning uses commonly understood planning steps for assessing and measuring community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use and implementing policies and actions to reduce GHG emissions and conserve energy.

The Climate Action Planning Framework is Now Online.  Visit the BC Climate Action Toolkit: for an overview of the Climate Action Planning Framework that can be adapted to your community.

Climate Action Planning Framework

A summary of the key steps in climate action planning are :

  1. Engage: Effectively engaging the public, staff and council is critical to advancing climate action initiatives.
  2. Measure: Measuring your community’s GHG emissions is an important step in understanding the source of your GHG emissions and will help you to identify GHG reduction targets and corresponding actions.
  3. Set Targets: Targets establish goals to work toward and can be very effective in initiating and encouraging action. 
  4. Implement Actions: Getting to the implementation stage requires developing an action plan.
  5. Monitor/ Evaluate/ Report: Monitoring the results of your action planning and implementation helps you to determine whether reduction measures are producing anticipated results and if your targets will be met.

FCM Sustainable Communities Conference
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 Feb 8, 2011, 7:30-10pm
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