The Goods: Issue 28 Image: Chris Steele Perkins


Imagine if you’d thrown out a hard drive that was storing 1400 bitcoins. It’d be the equivalent of saying laters to $4.2M. Cam Simpson did and he shared how. Welp. 💸


Or should we say wowser? Blockstack is a decentralized internet where users control and own their data, and apps run locally. Would this mean censorship is a thing of the past? 👾


Seoro Oh’s graduate film ‘Afternoon Class’ is everything. 😴


Who needs Photoshop when you have Microsoft Paint? Pat Hines illustrated his ebook using the latter because why not? Actually, he just found it easier to use. 🎨


There are plenty of articles waxing lyrical about T-shaped people/skills, and this one is a gentle reminder to pick up another creative habit to see your main discipline in a different light. 🤓


Are you cool? Do you make cool side projects? You may want to check out this cool site. 😎


Our CEO Jess recently spoke at Pause Fest about how the word ‘innovation’ had lost meaning and impact, and what we can do about it. You can now catch it online. 💖

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