“I never had a doubt about myself because I knew the truth from the beginning.” Christine Moore, the NDP MP accused of sexual misconduct by ex-soldier Glen Kirkland, has been cleared by the party. But the investigation can’t be investigated:

Toronto’s most outspoken former bike officer will try to stir up the municipal election. Kyle Ashley intends to run against public works chair Jaye Robinson to challenge her on road safety issues—even if Ashley lives nowhere near Robinson’s riding in North York. The former @TPS_ParkingPal gained Twitter fame for scolding motorists who blocked bike lanes, until his style seemingly got too hot for cops.

Kensington Market purists see Fairland Funhouse as a gentrification front. Turning the abandoned grocery store at 241 Augusta into an artsy pop-up seemed benign enough—until some sleuths caught wind of a long-term plan. The location will later turn into Liquor Donuts, inspired by a fictitious venue from the movie WolfCop, which promises to align with local “spirit and values.”

“Ghost kitchens” are happy to be hidden. The term for a new wave of businesses built entirely to feed delivery services is gaining traction. Virtual franchiser George Kottas hopes to open one every four kilometres across Canada; inspiration struck when his breakfast eatery, Bite Me Grill, ended up getting steady Uber Eats orders into the night.

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Mike Bullard libel notices lead to some unexplained unpublishing. After pleading guilty to making harassing phone calls to CityNews reporter Cynthia Mulligan, his ex-girlfriend, Bullard’s attention turned to coverage of Mulligan’s victim impact statement. His lawyer sent a complaint to Chatelaine (which deleted its website article), another to the Toronto Star and Heather Mallick regarding two tweets (also now deleted), and to HuffPost Canada (whose report remains online).

Kevin Frankish is trying a new tempo on Twitter. The departed Breakfast Television host amassed enough followers that he might as well spout off in ways he generally couldn’t during his mornings on City. Canadian news shows are too polite for the concept of the ranting and raving anchor, after all, so this style has to get exercised somewhere:

Dennis DeYoung thinks Lawrence Gowan should be kicked out of Styx in favour of him. The battle for the soul of “Mr. Roboto” continues, as DeYoung now claims that promoters are forcing his Canadian replacement to sing the scorned song, a signal that they’d rather he was back with Styx. DeYoung will happily do “Mr. Roboto” at the CNE—that is, if the concert isn’t impacted by locked-out stagehands.

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Toronto FC suspended the privileges of this supporter group, even though it denied having anything to do with masked soccer fans who ignited flares in Ottawa.

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