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Welcome to 2020 @ the PBC!

Happy 2020 loyal PBC members,

We hope everyone had a good break and is feeling refreshed for 2020, even though it is already February!

We have a good year ahead planned with the usual events and party’s put on by us for you, our members. Plus, hopefully a bar renovation to fix existing water damage and then a few upgrades to make things more streamline and efficient for both staff and of course, you. If the stars align and we go ahead with this build it will take place in our quietest winter months but we will still be open and trading and will need your help and business to keep us going. More on that topic when all is confirmed though.

Thanks for a top year in 2019 and here’s to a bigger and better 2020 😊

Check out our Facebook and Website for more details about the club and don’t forget to become a member! www.thepbc.org.au/join

Building Accessibility

We have achieved a lot over the years but one of the long term issues we haven't solved yet is making the club building accessible. The board pours a lot of money into getting the building safe and working with many things demanding priority attention or else we wouldn't be able to operate. This was evident with the recent total kitchen upgrade and for the next big project - rebuilding the whole bar area. 

This is because of diminishing waterproofing of the bar area floor that requires the whole bar to be ripped out.  We are doing some re designing to improve flow. This is a big-budget project and we are hoping we can do this in July (stay tuned).

The building works associated with accessibility would require access to the building plus accessible toilets. This would also trigger other works to make the building certifiable.  It would be the biggest project we have done. We are committed to this year having architectural plans made on how we can achieve this to the building. Once we have these plans we will be able to cost it and then try and fundraise/save up to build it.  As such we are seeing if within our PBC community there are architects who can do this sort of work at a price that reflects we are a community club.  Please email or call Penny 9569 4639, manager@thepbc.org.au.  


George, PBC President

We saved up our money last year and got this fancy water bubbler and tap installed outside next to the greens for your drinking pleasure. Being a waste conscious club, we were able to hook the water wastage pipe into our water tank so that it can be used on the bowling greens and garden.

If you haven’t sat solar side at sunset, you haven’t lived!
Thanks to the Inner West Stronger Communities Grant we have some solar lights to provide safety and comfort as you sit outside and enjoy your time at the PBC.

PBC donation to Wires Wildlife Rescue

PBC staff are generously donating their Janurary tips to Wires Wildlife Rescue.

Likewise, the money raised from the weekly meat and vege tray will also be going to Wires.

We have raised just over $800 so far.

On ya team! :) 

PBC Merch!

How great is this PBC merch! Also got a few bucket hats and 5 panel hats, come by and check them out!

There are limited kids sizes so best to come in and check them out at the club/ try them on.

Rainbow designed by Cody Shapiro and Pirate flag designed by Bruce Collier.

Kids @ the PBC

Hi parents, whilst we do enjoy you bringing your children to the PBC so they can run around and you can relax, we do have some rules.

The main one is that you, the parent or guardian need to be with your child at all times. You are responsible for them and their behaviour.

We allow children to run around on the top green but NOT the bottom green. The bottom green is for adults who want to bowl. Please respect this and we will all live happily ever after.

Inner West Tool Library @ The Bowlo!

Recently the IWTL was highly commended for Community Spirit and Inclusion at the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW awards! Great work team!

Open Saturdays from 9am-12pm but you can browse the catalogue online HERE – don’t forget to become a member!

Sunday meat and Veggie tray!

Want to drink beers in the sun instead of doing the weekly shop?

Well we have got you covered!

Tickets start selling at 3pm on Sundays, gotta be in to win it! 

Meat is from the Premium Butcher in Leichhardt Marketplace and the Veggies are fresh from Harris Farm Leichhardt.

What's in the PBC Garden?

Here’s a few pics of what we have growing here in our garden!
All sustained by our rainwater tanks and compost from the kitchen scraps! Fresh fruit, veg and herbs going back into the bar and kitchen to provide you with only the freshest and tastiest of ingredients!






Convene On The Green - Friday 14th Feb

It's that time of the month again to Convene on the Green! All welcome, bring the cherubs and the pups from 4pm.

Jumping castle on the green, delicious bistro specials and the chance to get together with the neighbours. Convene on the Green is our ultra special, hi-carb, low nutrient, community hugfest on the 2nd Friday of the month.

Trivia every Tuesday from 7:30!

Trivial Tuesday from 7:30pm

Come and answer some questions to win cash prizes! wine! Respect? There are also some delicious food and beverage offerings.

Bistro open from 5pm with the full menu for your enjoyment!

Call the club today to book your table! Today! Not Tomorrow! Today!

Wednesdays @ the PBC

Need a cure for those hump day blues? How about Free bowls? That’s right, FREE bowls on a Wednesday! Bistro is open and beers will be flowin’ Did I mention happy hour prices are $6.30? That’s right, $6.30 for any tap beer! Even those fancy $10 delicacies. See you next Wednesday.

Happy hour is 5-6pm Tuesday-Thursday and 4-6pm on Fridays

PBC Game Night - Every 2nd Wednesday of the month - 12th Feb

Come and join in the fun and our PBC Games Night!
Happening every second Wednesday of the month, doors open at 5pm so the fun can start as soon you leave from work early!

Bring games and friends or come solo and just join in! It’ll be great!

Games include but are not limited to (cause you can bring your own) scrabble, cards, pub trivia, N64 and table tennis! 

Bespoken Word - Wednesday 12th Feb

"I Can Top That!" is a true-story-telling-comedy-soirée. Hosted by veteran storytelling comedian John Knowles, as heard on ABC Radio, the show challenges three guest comedians to tell short funny true stories based on a random audience topics. Performers try to top John’s real life tales with their own true confessions, adventures, mishaps, family secrets etc. Its like The Moth meets Graham Norton meets Family Feud.  Past Guests include Peter Berner, Rebecca DeUnamuno, James Valentine, Many Nolan, Tommy Dean, George Catsi and dozens of Sydney’s funniest oral storytellers.

In first half, Post Haste Players - the Shakespearian Impro Comedy Company that brought you the hilarious Romeo & Juliet Improvised & Rome Sweet Rome, will amaze and amuse you with their original hit show BARD TO THE BONE!  It’s Shakespeare made to measure, as you like it, a never-seen-before, new Shakespeare play made up on the spot using your suggestions!’  Live and unscripted as part of the 'I Can Top That! monthly comedy double-header!

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/i-can-top-that-bard-to-the-bone-feb-12-tickets-91917783565
Cost: $15.00 each online through Eventbrite or $18.00 at the door.

Poetry At The PBC - 20th Feb @ 6:30pm

Poets at the Petersham Bowlo presents our monthly open mic soiree, from 6.30 till 9.30. Poems, short stories, anecdotes, comedy, acoustic music.

Free admission. Come, enjoy a beer, a pizza and have a laugh with mates.

Sign up on the night if you’d like to present!

February Gig guide

There's some great music coming your way over the month of March. Check our website or Facebook for more info... acts include:

Saturday 1st @ 2pm: GI Jane

Saturday 1st @ 8pm: Clayton Doley's Big Band

Sunday 2nd @ 3pm: Stringline Band/ The Gallery: A Joni Mitchell Tribute/ Fletcher Von Holstein

Sunday 2nd @ 6pm: Lucid Daydream

Thursday 6th @ 8pmIt Happens/ Hela/ Planet Holiday

Friday 7th @ 8pm: Equa Hey and Samba Ninja

Saturday 8th @ 2pm: Avalanche/ Gutless Wonder/ Trash Stash

Saturday 8th @ 5pm: Closed for Private Function

Sunday 9th @ 3pm: Belle Minors: Charlie Teo Foundation Fundraiser

Sunday 9th @ 6pm: Jamie Hutchings w Mark Moldre and Simone east

Thursday 13th @ 7:30pm: Porch Light Sessions

Friday 14th @ 8pm: Angela Garrick

Saturday 15th @ 2pm: Lythia and No Power

Saturday 15th @ 8pm: Sarah Mary Chadwick's album launch

Sunday 16th @ 6pm: Mara & Llew Kiek

Thursday 20th @ 6:30pmPoety @ the pbc

Saturday 22nd @ 2pm: Groovey Tuesday

Sunday 23rd @ 2pm: It's A FAmily Affair!

Sunday 23rd @ 6pm: Humming Grotto

Thursday 27th @ 8pm: John McCutcheon (USA)

Saturday 29th @ 2pm: VHS (virtual happiness syndrome) / Hephalump / John Lawrie and the Welcome Strangers

Clayton Doley's Bayou Billabong

Saturday 1st @ 8pm

Stringline Band/The Gallery: A Joni Mitchell Tribute/Fletcher Von Holstein

Sunday 3rd @ 3pm

Lucid Daydream w/Brother Brad

Sunday 2nd @ 6pm


It Happens/Hela/Planet Holiday

Thursday 6th @ 8pm

Equa Hey and Samba Ninja

Friday 7th @ 7:30pm

Avalanche // Gutless Wonder // Trash Stash

Saturday 8th @ 3pm

Belle Minors: Charlie Teo Foundation Fundraiser

Sunday 9th @ 3pm


Jamie Hutchings w Mark Moldre and Simone east

Sunday 9th @ 6pm

Lythia and No Power

Saturday 15th @ 2pm

Sarah Mary Chadwick 'Please Daddy' Album Launch

Saturday 15th @ 8pm

John McCutcheon (USA)

Thursday 27th @ 8pm