The Americans fades into Canadian reality. The final episode of the FX series about Soviet KGB officers living undercover in the suburbs of Washington, D.C with their children has brought renewed attention to the story that inspired it: Toronto-born Alex Vavilov is due for a Supreme Court hearing in December to determine whether he's eligible for Canadian citizenship, even though he had parents who lived under false identities.

“Scud Stud” paid handsomely by the National Post. Alberta’s appeal court ordered Postmedia to pay $450,000 to Arthur Kent, an NBC reporter turned political aspirant, after a decade-long legal tangle over a column by Don Martin. The failure to disclose confidential emails between Kent’s campaign lawyer and Martin increased the penalty.

“I’m not gonna be a backseat driver, I’m not going to provide criticisms or advice to the current leader.” Patrick Brown has returned to say that he’s not to blame for Doug Ford’s recent woes, which include lingering nomination controversies, including the one with Etobicoke Centre candidate Kinga Surma. Meanwhile, even though Andrew Scheer will be steering clear of the Ontario PC campaign trail, somebody else is still lurking:

Jagmeet Singh’s brother apologizes for once walking around downtown Toronto with a “Fuck the Police!” protest sign. There’s really not much else Brampton East candidate Gurratan Singh could say after being shown a photo of himself holding the offending placard at a 2006 demonstration. The story has become the latest in a series of conveniently timed Toronto Sun exposés about the Ontario NDP. Singh says he's “deeply ashamed.

Kevin Frankish is done with waking up for Breakfast Television. City TV’s news fixture since 1991 gave an emotional notice to BT viewers that he'll be leaving the show on Friday. Frankish plans to stick around City to work on documentaries instead:

Never pick a fight with an asthmatic pop star. Few of Canadian pundit Candice Malcolm’s followers would care who Halsey is, were it not for the fact that the 23-year-old tweeted about the racial politics of hotel shampoo. But Malcolm's attempt to pick apart Halsey's asthma-addled performance at a Napa Valley concert ended up a losing battle:

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Stratford's opening night with two women in lead roles was cancelled after the festival received a bomb threat.

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