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Hi everyone and welcome to a somewhat belated (ok, three months late) edition of the Captain's newsletter.

All of the summer programs have kicked into high gear with the National Championships only seven weeks away, the summer's worth of Learn2Row courses nearing completion, the Summer Nationals Program, iRow, the Casual Summer Rowing Program and Squad X all out on the water and the Lord Mayor's Cup on the horizon.  Planning has also started for the 2012 winter season, which is only two and a half months away.

OK, let's get cracking...

Mike Jones
WARC Captain



National Championships - Vounteers Needed

The largest ever rowing event to be held in WA is coming soon - the 2012 Australian Rowing Championships and Interstate Regatta will see thousands of athletes descend on Champion Lakes in early March. Being an Olympic year, all of the big guns will be on show and some very high quality racing is expected.  To make all of this happen, we need a sizeable army of volunteers.

The Championships will be held at the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre from Monday 5 March to Sunday 11 March 2012.

Event information can be found on the Rowing WA website at

If you can volunteer your time and skills to support this Event, please complete the attached form or click here to volunteer online.  Approximately 60 volunteers per racing session (two sessions per day) are required to make this event a success.

We are looking for doctors, nurses, paramedics/ambulance officers, life savers, time keepers, small bus drivers, dinghy drivers, and general assistance.  For further information, please contact Catriona Walker on 0468 323 056. 


Lord Mayor's Cup 2012

It's that time of year again - the Lord Mayor's Cup is almost upon us.  For the uninitiated, the LMC is a corporate rowing challenge, in which teams of four novice rowers learn the basics of the sport before laying it all on the line and racing each other in a 500m regatta. This year's race day is on Sunday April 1st, and entries have to be in by Friday February 17th.  

The Lord Mayor's Cup is the club's biggest fundraiser of the year. It brings in valuable income which helps us stay afloat (literally).  Without it we couldn't survive, so it's critical that everyone gets behind it.

The first thing we need: coaches!

What's involved, I hear you ask? You'll take a team of four rowers out on the water in a coxed four for a total of four sessions, and teach them the basics.  I can tell you from personal experience that it's a hugely gratifying experience, and great fun.  You only need about a year's worth of rowing experience before you can coach the LMC, and you'll be given plenty of direction in the coaching department so you won't be all at sea.

Ideally we'll need a small army of 30 coaches, so if you can help out please contact us at, and let us know if you can coach one (or more!) crews.

The second thing we need: people to actually do the rowing...

The best source of Lord Mayor's Cup signups is our own members, and we need you all to be advocates of the LMC. All members are asked to try to find an LMC crew in their workplace - you can help get a crew entered in three easy steps:

1. Download the LMC Registration pack from here:
2. Find four coworkers up for the challenge (it can be anyone, as long as two of them have never rowed before).
3. If you're equipped with a silver tongue, encourage your employer to sponsor your crew(s) and submit the forms to


Champion Lakes Opening

The Official Opening of Rowing WA's new facility at Champion Lakes will be conducted on Thursday, 26 January 2012 at 12:30 pm, followed by a luncheon from 1:00 pm.

The completion of the facility, the third Regatta Centre maintained or developed by the Association, marks a significant achievement in the sport's history in this State, alongside the construction of the facilities at Canning Bridge in 1962 and the admission of rowing as a WAIS Programme in 1983.

The occasion is an opportunity for the gathering of Western Australia's Rowing fraternity, in particular, the reunion of State Team Representatives.

The Programme:
10:00am Commemorative Row (if interest exists)
12:00pm CL Regatta Centre Facilities Inspection
12:30pm Official Opening
1:00pm Luncheon
4:00pm Close

The cost of the Luncheon (two course, coffee and cheese) will be $55.00.per head. A cash bar will be operating.

Attendees are to be encouraged to travel to and from the event by rail and if enough interest exists, arrangements can be made for a Shuttle Bus between the Kelmscott Train Station and the venue and return.

If you're interested in attending, please contact Rowing WA on 9364 3905 or Richard Lipscombe at


Summer Training Reminder

Thanks to the festive season and some fairly terrible rowing conditions in December, attendance for our casual summer rowing sessions has tapered off quite a bit over the last eight weeks. With most people's holidays over and the weather settling into something resembling normal conditions, it's time to get back on the water!  

We are running a number of morning and afternoon sessions, which are free for all members to join - whether you're in your first week at the club or an old hand, you're welcome to come and join in.

Rowing - iRow
Sunday 6:30am-8:00am & Wednesday 5:30am-7:00am
iRow is a program specifically designed for 14-16 year olds who already have a bit of rowing ability, and want to perfect their technical skills in a fun and friendly environment.  For any queries, contact Peta at

Rowing - CSRP
Tuesday & Thursday 5:00am-7:00am, Saturday 6:00am-8:00am
The Casual Summer Rowing Program is for those with a year or more worth of rowing experience, who want to head out for a casual paddle a few times per week. Contact Jonesy at for this one.

Rowing - Squad X
Tuesday 5:00am-7:00am & Saturday 6:00am-8:00am
Our Learn2Row graduate program, Squad X is for those with a little bit of rowing under their belt, and want to refine their skills before heading into their first winter season. Contact Brad at

Monday 6:00pm-7:30pm
For those who fancy a good stretch, Greg Zehnder leads a 90 minute Ayengar yoga session which is both a solid workout and great recovery aid. All are welcome - just turn up at the shed. Sessions cost $10 per week.

Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm-6:45pm (ish)
It's about the time of the year that a few of us start to head down for some steady state ergs in the afternoon. Most people tend to arrive at about 5:45pm-6:00pm, so just turn up, grab an erg and get going!

Friday 5:30-7:00am
A number of WARC stalwarts head out for a 35-45km group road ride on Friday mornings - the pace is usually about 28-32kmh depending who turns up.

Pennant Table

(2011 Final Standings)

FRC 138.8
WARC 130.6
SRRC 114.7
UWABC 103.0
ANARC 57.1
CUBC 36.1
BRC 33.1
CLBC 19.1
MURC 11.2
PRC 6.1

Next regatta: 
Australian Rowing Championships,
March 5,

For the Diary...

Sat 28 Jan - State Team Selection Trials
Fri 17 Feb
- LMC Entries Close
Wed 22 Feb - LMC Information Night
Sat 25 Feb -
Busy Bee
Mon 27 Feb -
LMC Training Begins
Mon 5 Mar
- National Championships Begin
Sun 11 Mar - National Championships End
Fri 16 Mar - Eat a Cow Night

State Team Selection Trials

Unless you haven't been at the shed for the last few months or have been off climbing a mountain in Nepal somewhere, you'll know that we have a squad of highly dedicated athletes training up to 14 times a week in preparation for the National Championships. Through an awful lot of hard work, some of our athletes have made the penultimate cut to the state team squads and will be racing for a place in the WA state crews.

If you're interested in heading down to watch the state team trials, they will be at Champion Lakes on Saturday January 28th, from 7:00am to 11:00am.

The WARC athletes competing on the day are:

Womens Youth 8+
Hannah Vermeersch
Meg Downes
Sarah Steger
Darci Miller

Queens Cup
Hannah Vermeersch
Jen Davis

Mens Youth 8+
Matt Cochran

Kings Cup / Presidents Cup
Matt Cochran
Nick Wakeford
Sam Hughes

TC Maguire
Ross Martin

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain Mike Jones at

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