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Fuzion Shiraz Malbec 2018

With holiday bills beginning to roll in, January is the perfect time to focus your wine selection on reliability and value, two qualities which are not always easy to capture in one bottle. There are many things that can impact the price and quality of a wine outside the favour of mother nature – international trade agreements (or lack thereof), increased demand from wine drinkers for certain styles or regions, and the rules of an individual region can all play a part. Luckily for us, Argentina has some of the most consistent weather conditions, as well as stable prices, which makes it easy to pick up a bottle of Fuzion Shiraz Malbec 2018 and know you’re getting a great bang for your buck!

Tasting Notes: By blending 70% Shiraz with 30% Malbec, Fuzion creates a harmony of juicy fruit flavours and silky-soft textures. Ripe red and black berry notes mingle with hints of dark spices, while velvety tannins help provide the easy-drinking structure and lively acidity keeps the flavours fresh.

Enjoy With: Pasta, burgers and other meats off the grill, roasted or stewed red meat and mature cheeses are all great pairings for Fuzion Shiraz Malbec. It’s also a satisfying sip on its own.

Style: A dry, full-bodied red wine, fruity and soft.

Terroir/Region: Argentina lies on the Eastern side of the Andes Mountains in South America and the influence of the mountains is what helps create the near-ideal growing conditions in Mendoza, the region Fuzion hails from. As moist air comes inland off the Pacific Ocean, it rises up the western side of the Andes to form rain which falls on Chile, Argentina’s western neighbour. From Fuzion’s vineyards, all you see is a line of clouds over the mountains that never seem to advance, leaving Mendoza sunny and dry, which is perfect for making a ripe, fruity Shiraz Malbec!

Producer: The team at Fuzion focuses on making wines which overdeliver for their price. Through alliances with local growers, they have found great fruit from all over Mendoza, tapping into the diverse flavours created by different soils and microclimates throughout the region. The winemaking team closely monitors production to make Fuzion’s flavours as consistent as possible from year to year.

Availability: Fuzion Shiraz Malbec 2018 is available in the Argentina section of your local LCBO. Grab a bottle to start your new year with a great glass of wine without breaking the budget!

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Price: $9.45

LCBO#: #83188

Size: 750mL

Alcoholic Content: 12.0% alc./vol.