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Your Utah, Your Future Survey Results

The Your Utah, Your Future vision for 2050 is now available online! The vision is the result of two years of intensive, collaborate work across the state. The combined efforts of 400 of Utah's experts in 11 different topics along with 60,000 Utahns who participated throughout the process has led to a clear picture of what Utahns want the future to be—and what it can be.

We invite you to visit envisionutah.org or yourutahyourfuture.org to explore the vision and learn what you can do to make it a reality.

Over the next several weeks, we will use this newsletter to describe in greater detail all the pieces of the Your Utah, Your Future vision for 2050. We invite you to follow along with us here and join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

Envision Utah in the news:

Envision Utah to unveil blueprint for 2050

Two years, 400 experts and nearly 53,000 Utah residents went into crafting an expansive "blueprint" designed to guide the state through a near doubling of population by 2050, while enjoying a vibrant quality of life that preserves Utah values.

But the Envision Utah survey clearly shows areas where planning is lacking and areas where there needs to be change — and quickly.

Deseret News | October 25 | Amy Joi O'Donoghue

How Utahns want to change the state by 2050

Utahns looking to the not-so-distant future want a resilient state less reliant on the outside world for food and energy, with an economy diverse enough to weather a downturn. They want shorter commutes and cleaner air, top-quality education and greater access to the state's natural wonders.

To achieve these goals, they are willing to live on less land, tap less water and pay more in taxes, all while accommodating 2.4 million new neighbors.

Salt Lake Tribune | October 25 | Matt Canham