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Bodega Toro Centenario Malbec

Saturday is World Malbec Day. This juicy red grape has come a long way over the years, and its current fame is nothing it hasn’t known before. Cahors Malbec (locally called ‘Cot’) was the drink of Tsars and Popes through the Middle Ages. The famous houses of Bordeaux once used high percentages of Malbec in their blends, most notably during the 1855 ranking still used today. The grape’s current fame comes from the style perfected in Mendoza, Argentina which is where we’ve gone to find this week’s wine – Bodega Toro Centenario Malbec. Come along for the celebration!

Tasting Note: Bodega Toro Malbec sports a juicy cherry and dark fruit profile with lingering, leathery spice notes, while soft, polished tannins carry you through the long fruity finish.

Enjoy With: Burgers and grilled meats, pizza or pasta dishes, edam or gouda cheese, or on its own for its easy drinking nature.

Style: A medium-bodied, fruity red wine.

Terroir / Region: Mendoza is the modern home of the Malbec grape. A warm, windy region, Mendoza is kept dry by the Andes mountains which block rains coming from the Pacific Ocean. Malbec vineyards here are drenched in sunshine and kept relatively pest-free by the winds and dry climate. In short, it’s winemaking paradise.

Producer: Bodega Toro is made by a large co-op comprised of over 5000 growers. By combining their efforts, they can share knowledge and resources as well as their harvests. This practice encourages collaboration and innovation at every level, pushing the quality of the wines forward from the vineyard to the bottle and benefiting, well… us!

Availability: Bodega Toro Centenario Malbec is available in the Argentina section of your local LCBO and for online ordering now. Stock up to celebrate World Malbec Day!


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Price: $9.60
LCBO#: 12452
Size: 500mL
Alcohol Content:12.5% alc./vol.