Friday 11 May 2018

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The big excitement for the Cambridge Maths team this month has been our move into our new offices. We’re now nearer the station, our colleagues in CUP and the Education Faculty and the Cambridge Botanical Gardens, but sadly (for some of us) further from the city centre shops…

In March we held a Symposium in London for our UK colleagues, to bring them up to date with our progress and say thank you for all the support we have received. We were fortunate in securing some excellent speakers and a well-informed and engaged audience. We live-streamed colleagues from the Institute of Education in Mauritius and Geogebra HQ in Linz, so there was some international input to the discussions too.

Next week we are holding a much smaller symposium with both external and internal colleagues to discuss how algebra could be/should be represented in the Framework. This is an issue that is becoming more urgent as our work becomes more and more focussed on what has traditionally been secondary level mathematics.

Later in the month we are hosting colleagues from the USA who are going to work with us for a couple of days before we all depart together for the annual ISDDE conference in Galway. We consider ISDDE to be our natural home and are looking forward to talking and working with such luminaries as Zalman Usiskin and Kaye Stacey to name but two. We anticipate an inspiring few days.

And hopefully the weather will be kind to us in Ireland. It’s been glorious here lately but one thing you can be certain of concerning the British weather is that it changes on a whim. We send you our best wishes across the miles for a pleasant seasonal climate wherever you are!.

Best wishes,

Our new address

We have now moved into our new office space in the purpose-built Cambridge Assessment building. Our email and telephone numbers remain the same, but our new address is

Cambridge Mathematics
The Triangle Building
Shaftesbury Road

The Cambridge Maths Symposium 2018

On Wednesday 21 March we brought together over 50 of the most experienced mathematical minds in the UK, as well as colleageus from Mauritius and Austria who live streamed in to the Symposium, to provide them with an update on the work of Cambridge Mathematics and to offer opportunities for discussion on topics which inspired debate, stimulated by short, focused keynote speeches.

The topics under discussion were: Whose curriculum is it anyway? Digital maths - always an improvement? and Coherence and connectedness. Please click on the links above for full details of this highly successful day.


Each month we bring you an Espresso – a small but intense draft of filtered research on mathematics education. Espresso 12 examines how early algebraic thinking should be introduced to students.

What else is new...

Every week we publish a blog - a delicious serving of Mathematical Salad - on our website. This section of our site has now been redesigned so that you can search our over 100 blogs by category and by author, as well as quickly finding the most recent and most popular blogs. If you haven't sampled our Salad recently our new, fresh offering is well worth a visit. 

Upcoming events

The team has a busy few months ahead - here are just some of the events we'll be attending and/or participating in:

National Numeracy Day is on Wednesday 16 May. We were sponsors of National Numeracy's 'Essentials at 14' project and the team will be taking part in several of the planned events across the UK. 

The 14th Annual Conference of the International Society for Design and Development in Education (ISDDE) will be held 28-31 May, at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Lynne is the current chair of ISDDE, and she and the team will be making a number of contributions to the conference.

On 7-8 June, Tabitha will be attending the Mathematics Education Centre's third annual Symposium in Loughborough, and on 9 June Rachael will be in Swansea for the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics Summer Conference

For more information on these and other events in the mathematics calendar, visit the Events section of our website.

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