Yorkdale under fire for its new, younger beardo. Adam Martin is currently on his first day of Fashion Santa duty for Black Friday. But the model he replaced, Paul Mason, is getting attention from TMZ. The brewing legal battle about who owns the character might prove complicated, yet scalding social media comments suggest the new recruit will draw fewer selfies:

What we talk about when we don't talk about something on Twitter. Andray Domise appeared in court this morning after being charged with three counts of domestic assault from 2015, which came to light in the news earlier this week. But reactions surfaced more slowly in the virtual arena where Domise made his name. The takeaway delivered by the National Post’s Ashley Csanady: “Believing women isn’t as simple as a hashtag.”

Jordan Peterson’s sideshow goes to court. After University of British Columbia professor Mary Bryson debated Peterson last weekend about gender identity, one of her former students recollected instances of bullying in Bryson's own classroom. Meanwhile, two of those charged with assault during the fracas at Peterson’s rally in October made court appearances: Meera Ulysses and Theo Williamson (who gained the online nickname “Smugglypuff”). At least some of the pair's interaction with The Rebel’s Lauren Southern was captured on a popular video.

Your shiny new winter boots probably won’t save you from falling on your ass very soon. Toronto Rehabilitation Institute researchers concluded as much after testing the slip resistance of 98 models of footwear—only nine of which met the minimum provincial standard for being able to maintain their grip on an icy surface.

Grey Cup tickets no longer free with purchase of Pizza Pizza dipping sauce. The sorry state of the CFL’s first attempt to mount the championship at BMO Field was on display in the revelation that tickets priced at $299 could be had for the price of a pizza combo in Hamilton. The deal was shut down by the league, which claimed it lacked “proper authorization."

Celebrity refugee campaign loses its loudest voice. “Today I received a letter (yes, on paper) that read 'don’t let the door hit you on the ass when you cross the border into Canada,'” Lena Dunham wrote in an Instagram screenshot. “This is actually one of the more polite notes I’ve gotten recently, and I’ll survive it just fine.” It was the kind of American Thanksgiving news that certain outlets could use:

CHUM’s wrecking crew saved some memories. The radio station at 1331 Yonge decamped to 250 Richmond in 2009, but the old building wasn’t torn down to make way for a condo until a few weeks ago. Teperman reports that they salvaged and cleaned 500 bricks for distribution to veteran staffers and other CHUMbugs.

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Ontario PCs would get one of these right now under Patrick Brown, based on a Forum poll that puts Kathleen Wynne’s popularity at 13 per cent.

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