The clappers brace for naming and shaming. Queen’s Park staffers using applause to drown out reporter questions at a press conference is a tactic that perfectly suits Doug Ford. Repeated clap-outs verified that the practice wasn’t a fluke, which led to calls to have the applauding employees identified—even if they had varying degrees of enthusiasm:

“No more talk. No more grandstanding. It’s time for action. The premier announced a $25-million plan aimed at guns and gangs—and was criticized for ignoring root causes. In any case, there’s little data about where Toronto’s guns come from.

John Tory is now fighting on two fronts at once. The mayor’s re-election advertising on Facebook is playing against the tax-raising ambitions of challenger Jennifer Keesmaat. Meanwhile, he’s trying to keep the election boundaries intact:

Liberty Village remains the opposite of a smart city. Amidst the debates over a techno-utopian Toronto neighbourhood comes the continued reality of trying to shoehorn a downtown community into an industrial atmosphere. The struggle to manage the development of Liberty Village is now further reflected in its increasingly impossible sidewalks.

How not to lose your job as a TTC fare inspector. A faulty payment system isn't the only issue surrounding transit fare enforcement. Misconduct on the job led to some fare inspectors being suspended—yet they remain employed. Most egregious was the inspector who took a woman’s contact info and then asked her out on a date.

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