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Seven Deadly Red 2015

Seven Deadly Red 2015

This is the ‘sweet spot’ of summer. We’ve settled into the summer heat and winter is nothing more than a distant memory. Patios are alive no matter what the time of day or night, and you can’t escape the smell of barbeque during this wonderful weather window.  We have just the vino to match it: Seven Deadly Red will take anything off the grill and kick it up a notch, take any evening and wrap it in velvet, and take your taste buds straight to the ‘sweet spot’.

Tasting Note: Seven Deadly Red’s intense and powerful flavour boasts ripe blackberry and cherry with smoky-oak notes, spices like cloves and pepper, and a touch of jammy sweetness. The grapes in this blend are a bit of a winemaker’s secret… a delicious mystery.

Enjoy With: Anything off the grill, especially when using any spicy, sticky-sweet barbeque sauce.

Style: A full-bodied and rich red wine.

Terroir / Region: Lodi, California is known for big wines – it is practically a desert and grapes grow to be orbs of rich, intense juice just waiting to be pressed and made into big, bold wines. With such extreme but rewarding conditions, Lodi bands together under its own ‘rules’ governing environmental, social and economic sustainability to ensure the quality of its wines and livelihood of its residents.

Producer: The Phillips family has been in Lodi since 1865, with the great-great-great grandparents of brothers Michael and David Phillips planting the roots, so to say. The family began growing grapes in the early 1900s and the brothers have continued to grow the Michael David Winery, moving from just farming grapes to crafting wines from the family’s fruit. With Michael’s kids now getting into the family business, the 6th generation is in training to one day let Dad and uncle David retire.

Availability: Seven Deadly Red 2015 is available in the Vintages section of your local LCBO and is also available to order online. Pick up a bottle and find your own ‘sweet spot’!

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Price: $24.95

LCBO#: 570473

Sizes: 750mL

15.0% alc./vol.