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Marqués de Cáceres Excellens Cuvée Especial Tempranillo 2015

Although you can still spot a few colourful leaves on the trees on a fall walk, it’s time to start planning indoor activities. Pulling a few friends together to watch movies, play board games, or to cook up a storm in the kitchen is the perfect way to avoid the cold, and a glass of Marqués de Cáceres Excellens Cuvée Especial Tempranillo 2015 pairs with all of that! Who knows, your friends may have you hosting wine tastings after you pour them their first sip of this beauty!

Foreign Affair Winery

Tasting Notes: Composed of 100% Tempranillo, Marqués de Cáceres Excellens Cuvée Especial 2015 is soft, ripe and full. The blue and black plum flavours slide over your palate while the tannins show a gentle texture and elegance. Toasted oak notes and vanilla round out the flavours and carry on though the balanced finish.

Enjoy With: Smoky dishes and grilled or seared meats, Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos or nachos, and pastas in tomato sauces.

Style: A medium-bodied, smooth red wine.

Terroir/Region: The Marqués de Cáceres winery is located in Cenicero, La Rioja Alta, in the heart of the Rioja region of Spain. Cenicero is one of the largest grape-producing districts of La Rioja, close to the Ebro River and possessing the ideal microclimate and soil for growing vines. The winery keeps close relationships with their local growers who farm over 985 hectares (nearly 10 square kilometers!). These relationships have continued through generations of the growers’ families as well as their own.

Producer: In 1970, Enrique Forner founded Marqués de Cáceres to unify his vision for a region (Rioja, Spain), an enterprising family with five generations of wine trade experience, and the best growers and vineyards in La Rioja. He styled the winery after those in Bordeaux, which revolutionised the production and business model with a single objective: quality. His obsession continues today in Cristina Forner, the next generation of this distinguished wine family.

Availability: Marqués de Cáceres Excellens Cuvée Especial 2015 was selected as the Food & Drink $17.00 Wine of The Month this November, so it will be widely distributed and available for online ordering this weekend. This is a great all-round wine to bring to holiday parties, so stock up for the coming season!

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Price: $17.00

LCBO#: #10684

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 14.5% alc./vol.

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