Sears Canada’s liquidation is getting more promotion than it can handle. The inside story of the department store’s downfall earned a full treatment in the Globe and Mail, outlining how every attempt to change the chain's fate proved untenable. Now, the lack of floor staff couldn't be more apparent. Look at this scene at Fairview Mall:

Google Urbanism as a smokescreen for data ploughsharing. Silicon Valley skeptic Evgeny Morozov wrote a rant against the Sidewalk Labs development in Toronto, arguing that desperate politicians are selling out to the promise of smart cities. Meanwhile, the city's plan to rebuild the east Gardiner Expressway just to the north of Sidewalk's target area is viewed as a ridiculous move. (No less than Jane Jacobs is cited in a New York Times feature about the push to tear down other freeways.)

Weedora’s trolling shows few signs of success. Door hangers advertising marijuana delivery continue to show up around the city, raising alarm from at least one city councillor—even though most attempts to procure Weedora services seem to have been unsuccessful. The alleged owner of the company, a past pot provocateur who goes by “Chris,” showed Vice Money that Foodora's managing director supposedly threatened a lawsuit:

Trump Toronto seen as foreshadowing an apocalyptic presidency. The Trump name is gone from Adelaide and Bay, but Donald Trump’s 15-year association with the luxury high-rise development was probed at Columbia University, in tandem with the Toronto Star. POTUS was the only one who walked away from the deal with a gain rather than a loss. The Trump Organization refused to comment.

Peace in the Middle East will not be achieved in the comment section of BlogTO. If you've ever wondered what it would be like if thousands of people started arguing with each other at once, get a load of the reactions to a Facebook video for an Eglinton and Bathurst restaurant. The contretemps began after BlogTO described the place's menu:

The extremely belated corporate synth-pop merger of Seagulls and Spoons. A Flock of Seagulls headlined a retro-‘80s fundraising concert at a Mississauga bowling alley last year, alongside local opening act the Spoons. Their alliance will be commemorated on Saturday in a Brampton high school. Spoons frontman Gord Deppe believes this could help his band finally get some U.S. respect.

Park party parent panic in Rosedale sparks a town hall. Teen Safety, Social Media & Parties” is the title of a Tuesday night meeting, advertised on mobile signs around midtown. The gathering is a response to a September bash that got out of hand. Miss Informed, the Gossip Girl-style website fingered for promoting the troublesome party dubbed the "Rosedale Jam," is now suddenly on the defensive.

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Taoufik Moalla of Montreal got a $149 ticket from police for singing along too loudly in his car to the chorus of C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat."

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