“Everyone in journalism should be doing a victory lap around their building right now.” Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey approves the message sent by $595 million worth of federal funding for the news media. Before the announcement, Torstar laid 13 people off from the papers they give away for free:

Facebook rant gets schooled by standards and practices. CBC Toronto managing editor Tim Richards outlined what they found wrong about Jesse Hirsh wondering whether a public broadcaster participating in Facebook can also be critical of it. The suppressed Metro Morning exchange earned enough attention to be transcribed by Maclean’s.

The unsung victim of beef between Drake and Pusha T. That beer-throwing brawl at the Danforth Music Hall led to more curiosity about how three concertgoers ended up hospitalized. But it also led Shaun Majumder—who’s attempting a stand-up comedy rebound after being fired from This Hour Has 22 Minutes—to get all tied up in yellow tape:

“Harry’s Last Stand” is now happening in the hospital. Harry Leslie Smith, 95, the Second World War veteran known for fighting the right on Twitter, suffered a fall that landed him in the ICU near his home in Belleville. So, his son John has taken over the tweeting, and claims that Harry has remained inquisitive about topics like the migrant caravan.

The last-remembered MuchMusic VJ standing has left 299 Queen West. Devon Soltendieck was an 18-year-old Concordia student when he won the 2004 Much VJ Search: a role that eventually became obsolete. But he moved to CP24, and then CTV’s etalk, until that ended amidst a Bell Media purge:

The Being Frank Show is ready to rise again. Joe Warmington taped a segment for Frank D’Angelo’s chat show, which has been in reruns while its star was preoccupied with three new movies and two new children. Further validation for D’Angelo comes via one of his regular rebukes to Donald Trump, which was co-signed by the culture editor of Vogue:

12:36 will return on Monday, December 3. And, this winter, the newsletter will explore new routes. (You’ll find out whatever that means after we do!)

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