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Celebrating Alaskan homeowners

Homeownership is a part of the American Dream and an important facet of AHFC. At a recent Habitat for Humanity breakfast I attended, Habitat homeowners said their new homes represented stability, safety, community and a sense of pride for their families. Homeownership also plays a major role in the economic health of the nation (how could anyone escape the news of bursting housing bubbles crawling – or spreading like wildfire in certain areas – across the country)! In Alaska, we have enjoyed a healthy real estate market and at AHFC, we strive to make homeownership a possibility for all Alaskans.

June marked the 23rd anniversary of HomeChoice, AHFC’s free class for anyone interested in homeownership, about the process required to attain homeownership or the responsibilities that come with homeownership. HomeChoice has helped nearly 60,000 Alaskans understand and participate in the home-buying process since 1994. Homeownership is key to helping build strong communities as homeowners put down roots and invest in building safe and stable neighborhoods.

In this issue of Home Delivery, you’ll learn more about HomeChoice; AHFC’s Resource Information Center (also known as the Energy Library) located at AHFC headquarters; and hear from Gena, a participant in one of AHFC’s public housing programs.

We also recognizes one of AHFC’s highest producing lenders in the state, Rocky Elerding of Ketchikan.

AHFC is proud of the products we offer to Alaska’s veterans, first-time homebuyers, rural borrowers, and everyone in-between. We work hard to achieve our mission “to provide access to safe, quality and affordable housing,” and I encourage you to call our mortgage staff or me if you have questions about the value of an AHFC loan for you or your customers. As always, we thank you for your partnership and look forward to another great year of homeownership!

Jan Miyagishima

Families are becoming more financially self-sufficient with tools promoted by AHFC

AHFC developed subsidized housing rent reform programs based on an in-depth understanding of the housing needs that are unique to Alaska and an extensive study of the most successful housing programs in the nation. The goal is to make the process simpler for Alaskans, to provide assistance to more Alaskans who need it, and to empower families in public housing programs to become financially independent.

Step provides incentives to work-able families who receive housing assistance. Incentives include scholarships, free classes in financial management and employment skills and other incentives to help families living in subsidized housing become financially self-sufficient. An evaluation of the program's initial wave of participants revealed encouraging news. Families in the third year of the program experienced a 58 percent increase in income, 13 percent more Step households are working at least part-time and seven percent more are working full time.

Program participants who were surveyed as part of the evaluation requested peer success stories. They wanted to hear from people who had experienced similar struggles and found a way through them. Gena, a Step participant, volunteered to share her story.

Gena was a single parent experiencing homelessness. With financial support from AHFC, she was able to provide a safe and stable home for her children and a college degree. Here is her story.

All your energy questions answered

Have a question about building or maintaining a home in Alaska? The AHFC Resource Information library will help you find the answer. The library, located at 4300 Boniface Parkway, has a huge selection of instructional videos, manuals and trade publications. If you can’t visit in person, Betty Hall, resource librarian, is only a phone call away. Browse the library catalog and find links to online materials at ahfc.us.

In addition to resource materials, the library also regularly offers classes on a variety of topics. Visit the class information page at ahfc.us to learn more.

Betty Hall
(907)330-8166 (Anchorage)
(800)478-4636 (statewide)

HomeChoice by the numbers

The mortgage department at AHFC started Homechoice with the mission of empowering homebuyers. Many attendees of the free class have recommended it to friends and family. In fact, several recent attendees were the third generation of their family to prepare for homeownership through the class. HomeChoice is for everyone from First-time homebuyers to seniors looking to downsize.

There are six classes in five communities in Alaska this month. Sign up today!