Work, work, work, work, work, work
The Goods: Issue 17 Image: AnRong Xu


The benefits of a bilingual brain are so plentiful, it’s a wonder so many of us plain Jane monoglots are still the majority. 🤓


Google doesn't shy away from motion, so we’re not surprised its annual Creative Lab search is asking applicants to submit an animation as the cover letter. 🙌


We’d love to say we’re not biased but the truth of the matter is: we all are. Despite it being an unconscious act, it's shocking to find out just how much it affects us. Read the full experiment here. 🤔 


Robots made the cut last issue and they’ll most likely make it again in the future. This time around, it’s scarier than before. It’s more Ex Machina than we’d ever imagined. 😨


Founders Grid recently asked 65 movers and shakers how they get shit done. Our fave productivity 'hack'? Get someone else to do your work whilst you sleep. 😐


Encouraging us to stop wasting paper and start reusing it is Swipies – a nifty whiteboard-esque sheet that you can use time and time again. 💪

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