“Mr. Ford has a lot of platitudes, and a lot of sound bites. Maybe because that’s because he prints a lot of bumper stickers in his other life.” While criticizing the provincial Liberal budget rooted in Kathleen Wynne appropriating NDP sensibilities, leader Andrea Horwath got in a dig at her Ontario PC rival, trumping Doug Ford's quip about locking the premier up. On the sidelines was a crestfallen star:

Blue Jays business model now seems to include scalping. A new baseball partnership with StubHub is revealed to come with a twist: teams get a cut of sales from the website. This supposed “secondary” sales market is where 45 per cent of opening day tickets could be found. Meanwhile, changes to the way streets around the Rogers Centre are patrolled during games now require all area driving regulars to acquire a “security plan parking pass.”

Fake IDs are forever—or at least until you turn 19. The record stores, head shops and video arcades of Downtown Yonge might be gone, but one tradition remains: selling kids cards to help them trick their way into bars. The success of a $60 fake apparently varies, depending upon where it’s identified as being from: Saskatchewan is best, according to a guy selling them out of a trailer, although a smart-serve bartender—who was certified a year before being legally allowed to drink—explains the training that makes the card-holders unlikely to get served:

Steve Anthony has dropkicked his last monster truck tire. After nine years at CP24 Breakfast, highlighted by a stunt for which he required a new hip, Anthony has departed daily broadcasting. Lloyd Robertson hoped to drop in for a surprise goodbye, but he was struck in a truck rollover on the DVP—and turned up later to confirm that he was still alive.

Antler is now the best-known eatery in Toronto. The video of outraged vegan activists having meat carved up and eaten in front of them by restauranteur Michael Hunter has resulted in a soaring number of dinner reservations. Not wanting to abdicate the point of all that protesting, though, yet another demonstration is on deck:

Infinity Mirrors gets a slimming sponsor tie-in. Yayoi Kusama’s AGO exhibition has been derided for its appeal to Instagram selfie addicts who risk missing the point of the art during their 20 seconds of room access. But these semantics may not be so sacred if the mirrors can be co-opted for invitation-only festivities for fruit-flavoured Diet Coke:

Peter Munk dead at 90. The refugee from Budapest, who built Barrick into the world’s biggest gold-mining company, was unapologetic when it came to criticism of its business practices. But before that, he co-founded Clairtone, an ultimately failed electronics firm eternally known for its sound globes. Munk’s subsequent philanthropy included attaching his name to an intellectual celebrity debate series that’ll next tackle political correctness.

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The stage name of rapper Kareemallah Muhammad, who scored a sizeable hit with “Come Outside,” now charged in a human trafficking investigation.

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