Fall Planting is Best!

Did you know that turfgrass, spring-blooming bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs can all be effectively planted in the fall?

It’s true! In fact, fall has distinct planting benefits. Cooler air temperatures are easier on both plants and gardeners. The soil is still warm, allowing roots to grow until the ground freezes. In spring, plants don’t grow until the soil warms up.

Fall usually has more good days for planting than spring, when rain and other unpredictable weather can make working the soil difficult, if not impossible. Also, have you noticed that this time of year is usually when garden centers have a great selection of inventory for fall planting? Now is the time to buy!

Fall planting avoids transplant shock from summer heat, but be sure to allow roots time to re-establish before the shock of cold weather. Always plant trees and shrubs at their natural soil lines. Keep newly planted trees or shrubs well watered until the ground freezes, so they get a good start before going into full dormancy during winter. Watering fall-planted trees and shrubs during winter dry periods will greatly increase the odds of planting success.

Let us know if you have any questions about planting this fall. We’ll help you get a head start on a great landscape next spring.

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