Soldier carrying a Christmas tree, shot from behind in black and white.

If you’re a brand designer, Christmas has come early: check out Figma 3D design plugin Vectary. Despite having a sister motion studio, we’re finding it to be a powerful tool to optimise parts of our process.


Our sooky fiddle-leaf figs are thanking their lucky stars for Yumi Sakugawa’s how to water your houseplants while on vacay. We gotchu, plant bubs.


In the midst of some holiday growth and marketing recruitment, we’ve been enjoying venture capitalist Tom Tunguz’s insights on marketing hires for startups, product marketing, and what it means to articulate your market fit before investing in demand generation.


The kind of gratitude we’d like to cruise into 2020 with: A Tokyo funeral company set up this tribute to the now redundant pokeberu pager. Citizens lay flowers, and pagers displayed "1141064", a.k.a Japanese pager code for "we love you". *sob*


An idea to warm your imaginative coggles over the holidays: hold a Good Moves short-form motion movie night. Hell, you could even invite people to it.


In 'How We'll Win', Quartz analyse a collection of workplace topics from giving people with different identities a sense of belonging at work to how men grapple with gendered expectations. Find a tip and implement it where you work in the new year.

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