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Workshops 2018 – part 2

Calligraphy workshop with Andreas Frohloff

© Norman Posselt / Monotype - Workshop with Andreas Frohloff


Dear friends and followers,

Last week we gave you the first glimpse of our workshop program for the upcoming TYPO Berlin, that gathers over 1,600 creative professionals at Haus der Kulturen der Welt on Mai 17–19.

This week we want to share our second compilation of hands-on and creative workshops for you!

Happy reading!
Your TYPO Berlin Team

No ticket, yet? Safe with our second ticket sales phase until February 28. Tickets are limited.


New Lettering Forms - Calligraphy & lettering with Petra Dočekalová

Sign painting is a craft that did not survive the advance of cheap printing technologies in the Czech Republic. After this long vacuum Petra Dočekalová establishes a new continuity on historical handwritten scripts from Czechoslovakia. Following her talk at TYPO Berlin she offers an intensive workshop focused on the training of new handwritten script styles based on Czechoslovak calligraphy and lettering. You'll try various tools, moves and styles, including freehand. In the end, you'll control four master scripts and finish with your new original handwriting style.

Petra Dočekalová studies at the Type design and typography studio UMPRUM, Prague and is a member of Briefcase Type Foundry team since 2013.


Beyond Design – The tracks of calligraphic tools with Andreas Frohloff

Curiosity may trigger you to join the workshop. Pleasure is triggered by writing with nib, ink and paper. Therefore, let's trigger … :)

In this workshop Andreas Frohloff will provide participants to experiment with various types of dip pens and effectively vary the shape of letters to strike a balance between readability and pictorial quality.

As Designer Liaison calligrapher and type designer Andreas Frohloff manages and develops the relationship to external type designers of the Monotype libraries.


SISTER BLISTER – How manual labour can generate new ideas with Fidel Peugeot

Between thumb and forefinger - this workshop will teach you how new things can be made from the blister packs that medications come in. Discover how manual labour can generate new ideas; how we all come up with unique solutions. Every participant will be crowned at the end! Red alert! You do not need a computer to take part in this workshop.

Fidel Peugeot works in a wide range of fields including typography, graphic design, product design and architecture among others, and is part of Walking Chair Design Studio.


How does it work?

Drawing workshop TYPO 2017

Drawing workshop TYPO 2017 © Sebastian Weiß / Monotype


Our workshops cannot be booked in advance and they operate on a “first come, first serve” basis. We make sure to avoid hustle so that you can enjoy all of TYPO Berlin without long waiting times or annoying lines!


Confirmed Speaker 2018

Confirmed speaker

Bettina Andresen
Rita Braz
Chris Campe
Elizabeth C. Smith
Antonia Cornelius
Petra Dočekalová
Gerd Fleischmann
Saar Friedman
Andreas Frohloff
Golnar Kat Rahmani


Jonathan Key
Sonja Knecht
Charles Landry
Briar Levit
Alejandro Masferrer
Madeleine Morley
Jamie Neely
Toshi Omagari
Fidel Peugeot
Frank Rausch


Ulrike Rausch
Radek Sidun
Elliot Jay Stocks
Paul van der Laan
Hansje van Halem
Ed van Hinte
Frederik Wilken

... and many more.

Facilitators: Stephen Coles, Johannes Erler, Indra Kupferschmid, Kali Nikitas

The up-to-date speaker list on our website …