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News and Events for
UBC Science Alumni | Issue 5, 2018

Building bridges with math

UBC professor Malabika Pramanik has launched a novel mathematics mentoring program to connect women, Indigenous youth and recent immigrants.

Magic? Or Physics?

We won’t be pulling rabbits out of hats, but we will surprise you during our family-friendly Faraday Show. It’s science and spectacle all in one. December 9.

Instagram contest
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To celebrate our new Instagram channel we’re running a giveaway. It’s easy to enter and you could win one of three $50 gift cards.


The Digital Body
Michael Black (BSc' 85) on the latest body capture technology and the use of machine learning to create avatars that mimic our motion. Part of the CS 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture Series.
November 29


The Monterey Renaissance and the Creation of Intertidal Ecology 
Discover how fiction writers such as Steinbeck influenced the creation of Between Pacific Tides, the bible of marine biology.
December 4


The Physics of Animal Flight
Learn about the physics of animal flight and trace metals in the ocean at a free TRIUMF Saturday Morning Lecture.
December 1

How planets play ping pong

UBC astrophysicist Christa Van Laerhoven (BSc’ 07) on what the Kuiper Belt tells us about the formation of the Solar System, why Neptune plays ping pong with other planets, and what sci fi writers get wrong.

We’re quickly devouring Mediterranean sharks

The shortfin mako is the fastest shark in the ocean. It’s also overfished and critically endangered. UBC zoologist Madeline Cashion (MSc’ 18) is gathering better data on shark catches to help save them.

Emily Chung
UBC Science alumna talks science reporting

CBC journalist Emily Chung (PhD’ 04) is upbeat about science communication. “Although science coverage in traditional media is shrinking, there are a lot of popular Internet publications that are interested in science.”

Bug-eyed monsters

Afraid of bugs? Then you might want to cover yours eyes as we present the eight creepiest bug specimens at UBC.

  • A diverse group of CRCs announced by the Federal Government includes new chairs in oceans research, machine learning and quantum materials at UBC Science.
  • Physicist Andrea Damascelli and computer scientist Uri Ascher are among UBC’s newly named Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada.
  • UBC physicist Ingrid Stairs has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society.
  • UBC alumnae Charlotte Froese Fischer (BA’ 52 MA’ 54) and Jennifer Gardy (BSc’ 00) have been honoured in the Women of Impact in Canada gallery for their contributions to STEM.
  • Zoologist Andrew Trites (MSc’ 85, PhD’ 91) has been awarded the UBC Faculty of Science Alumni Builder Award for 2018.
Astrophysics takes centre stage

UBC astrophysicist Gary Hinshaw, who is creating the largest map of the universe ever attempted, is featured in UBC’s latest national advertising campaign.

A new way to measure Earth’s magnetic field

Researchers are using a ground-based laser to excite sodium atoms floating 100 kilometres above the planet and monitoring the light they emit in response.

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