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Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. It is usually diagnosed in men over 65, but prostate cancer can happen in younger men, though it is uncommon in men under 50.

A prostate exam is a common examination that is used to check on the current condition of the prostate. As men age, the need to monitor prostate health becomes more of a necessity.


Unfortunately, many men neglect the task of having periodic examinations of the prostate. Often, this is due to a misunderstanding about the mechanics of the exam, as well as a lack of information about prostate cancer and what the disease can do if left unchecked.

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Ovarian Cancer


Ovarian cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. It mainly affects women who have been through the changes (menopause), but it has also been found in some young women.

It is not clear why ovarian cancer occurs but there are some predisposing factors that have been identified and these includes:

  • Age (usually those over 50)
  • Family history (especially in close relatives such as mum or sister)
  • Past history of endometriosis
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Smoking

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How technology can impact on sleep


Sleep satisfaction can be affected by noise, light in the room and distractions that often comes from phones, TV and computers.

Although you may not notice it, the blue light coming from your gadgets suppresses melatonin in your body, a hormone that supports your sleep/wake cycle known as circadian rhythm. When your cycle is off, you feel less rested.

To lessen the blue light’s awakening effects on your sleep, turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime and do something relaxing like reading instead.

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Walking for your health


Walking is one of the greatest ways of maintaining your overall health. Taking a 30-minute walk a day can be likened to the proverbial apple: There's a good chance it'll keep the doctor away...

Walking increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance and good way to de-stress.

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Cold & Flu


Cold and flu are one of the commonest ailments in the workplace. Transmission of the common cold occurs by one of two methods:

  • Through touching from skin or environmental surface that have the germ on them.
  • Through inhalation when a contagious person coughs or sneezes.

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Spring Awareness Days



Dates for your diary...

You can find out more about these awareness days online.

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