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Hello everyone and welcome to the start of what looks to be another successful season for Westies, if the results from the recent National Training Squad are anything to go by!

The 2010 season is ramping up with the return of the NTS from the National Championships in Nagambie, the Lord Mayor's Cup regatta this Sunday, and the pennant season only a few short weeks away - thanks and see you all at the shed!

Glenda Hirsch
WARC Captain 2010


Lord Mayor's Cup - Sunday 21st March

There is only a week of training left before the corporate crews go head to head in the 21st Lord Mayor’s Cup. The LMC is being held at WARC again this year. Racing is due to start at 7:00am, however as this is our biggest fundraiser for the year everyone’s help is requested on the day with setup starting at 5:30am, before crew registration opens at 6:00am. Boats will be needing to be returned to other clubs after the day is complete. My sources tell me this should be early afternoon as we have less crews racing this year.

If you are able to come down to the boatshed on regatta day and have not yet been allocated a task, please get in touch with Zak at and let us know!

Thanks to the coaches, Lord Mayor's Cup committee and all those who have already invested countless hours to make the 2010 Lord Mayor's Cup a success. The LMC is Westies' single largest fundraiser. Without it the club could not operate as well as it does, so please lend a hand where you can!

Nationals Report

The National Training Squad had an excellent performance in Nagambie earlier this month. WARC athletes made 18 finals, won 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze (all medal winners are listed below). We also had 7 squad members in the state team.

So well done to everyone involved and a big thank you to both Skins and Staminade for sponsoring the National Training Squad.

Hannah Vermeersch (U19W2-, U19W4-)
Matt Cochran (U19M2X, U19M4X-)

Hannah Vermeersch (U19W8+, ISWY8+)
Matt Cochran (U19M2-, ISMY8+)
Sarah Steger (U19W8+)
Courtney Aylett (U19W8+)
Darci Miller (U19W8+)
Ella Wallwork (U19W8+)
Meg Downes (U19W8+)
Phoebe Gorfin (U19W8+)
Thea Adamson (U19W8+)
Teresa Maguire (U19W8+)
Sam Hughes (ISMY8+)
Shaun Brady (ISMY8+)
Anna Sim (ISMY8+)

Mike Stott (U19M8+, OM4+)
Sam Hughes (OM4+, U23M4X-)
Shaun Brady (U19M8+)
Nick Wakeford (OM4+)
Zak Campbell (OM4+)
Anna Sim (OM4+)
David Murdoch (U17M4X+)
Hamish Murray (U17M4X+)
Will Moore (U17M4X+)

Nick Wakeford (ISM8+)
Anna Sim (ISM8+, ISMY8+)
Amy Walters (ISWL4X-)
Hannah Vermeersch (ISWY8+)
Sam Hughes (ISMY8+)
Matt Cochran (ISMY8+)
Shaun Brady (ISMY8+)

Busy Bee / Shed Meeting - Sunday 28th March

With the start of the season fast approaching it’s time to give the boats and shed a much needed once over after a very busy summer at the shed. We will be holding the busy bee on a Sunday as the Schoolboys Head of the River is on the Saturday. An email will be sent out later this week listing the tasks to be performed and who is allocated to to them. All club members (particularly those who have been rowing over summer) are expected to attend the busy bee.

The busy bee will be followed by a squad meeting and BBQ lunch, where we will outline the coming season - all competitve squad members should attend, and those who have never rowed at Westies through a winter pennant season before are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting.

The order of proceedings will be as follows:
The busy bee isdue to commence at 9am.
The Shed Meeting at 12pm
Lunch 12.30pm

Carolyn and Rita have kindly offered to cook Burgers for a small charge to cover costs. So if you're coming along and planning on having a bite to eat (this should be everyone!!) then please RSVP to Rita at for catering purposes.

Think Cloud

Dylan McEvoy and Alex Noor from Think Cloud have recently finished an upgrade to the website which will allow the Captains and coaches to update the website regularly through the season.

Thanks very much to Alex and Dylan - you can see more of their work at

Next regatta: Guildford to Garratt Head Race at BAYSWATER, Sunday April 18

For the Diary...

Sunday 21 March - Lord Mayor's Cup Regatta
Sunday 28 March - Busy Bee / Squad Meeting
Sunday 18 April - Guildford to Garratt Head Race
Saturday 24 April - WA Masters Games, Albany

2010 Membership

The 2010 membership forms (for membership beginning 1st April 2010) have been completed and distributed over the next week - thanks for your patience!


On Saturday 10th April ABC will be filming a segment for "The Collectors" show in the function room at WARC. Warren has asked if everyone can minimise the traffic upstairs that morning.

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain Glenda Hirsch at

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