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Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of the Captain's newsletter.

The summer season is nearly over - this Sunday's Lord Mayor's Cup regatta marks the end of the busiest summer period on record, with 40 athletes coming through our Learn2Row program, 152 Lord Mayor's Cuppers, a team of nearly 20 returning from a successful nationals campaign in Adelaide and a veritable army moving through Peta Rule and Brad Scott's CSRP/Squad X group.

If you're one of the new faces around the shed: welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay and I'm terribly sorry if I've forgotten your name, remebered it, then forgotten it again. To the returning members: thanks for sticking around and putting up with us. I've had a blast this last 6 months, let's keep it going and make the winter 2011 season a success.

Mike Jones
WARC Captain



THP (The Hunger Project) and Rowing WA are partnering to host a fundraiser at the UWA Recreation Centre on April 9, 2011.

We are asking anyone who is willing to row a few kilometres on an ergo to get sponsored, come and row and help us achieve two things.

1. Attempt to cumulatively row 10,000 km on the day

2. Raise much needed funds to help THP build epicentres in communities in Africa where people are suffering from abject poverty. THP helps them create a sustainable future that brings health, education and work to these communities.

We are targeting to have approximately 1,000 participants on the day. There will also be a range of events on the day including a demonstration by WAIS athletes, competitions for top schoolboy and schoolgirl rowers and challenges for people to take on all comers over set times or distances for prizes.

You don’t have to be a rower – just have experience on a rowing machine!

Our hope is to have 150 ergometers on site so, as you can appreciate, we can’t have everyone there at once. Most of the schoolboy and schoolgirl rowers will be there in the morning so it might be good to plan to come from lunch time on. You don’t have to do all you kilometres in one hit. You can do 15 or 20 minute blocks. That’s up to you and there will be events to watch and vendors on site to check out.

The WAIS rowing teams will be showing us how good they are sometime between 12.30 and 2pm so that might be a good time to head down and take part.

We are also in need of volunteers to help with recording the kilometers rowed by the participants and if you own an ergo and are willing to let us use it for the day that would also be a wonderful contribution. Please contact me, Debbie Mason at should you wish to participate on the days as a volunteer or make available your ergo.

Please get involved. Your sponsorship will contribute to putting an end to World Hunger. You can find further details on the event and sponsorship forms at or

Lord Mayor's Cup

The 22nd Lord Mayor's Cup regatta is on this Sunday, 27th April from 7:00am - 12:30pm. Many thanks to the event coordinators Brad (good cop) Scott, Jade (bad cop) Mitchell, Sten Campbell and Peter Klemm who have done a fantastic job to get us this far. We need plenty of volunteers to make this event a success, so please come down to watch and lend a hand where you can! If you're unsure where you can help out, drop a line to

Nationals Results

Congratulations to all of our nationals athletes after a successful campaign in Adelaide. A special mention goes out to Meg Downes and TC Maguire who were named as late additions to the Womens Youth 8+ and Kings Cup crews respectively since the last newsletter.

WARC finshed with 1 gold (U23W4-), 3 silver (U23W2-, U23M4-, U19W4X-) and 2 bronze (OWL4X-, U23W8+) medals from the regatta, with our athletes picking up a further two bronze in the interstate regatta (Mens Youth 8+ and Queens Cup).

WARC's medallists were:

Hannah Vermeersch (Gold U23W4-, Silver U23W2-, Bronze ISW8+)
Matt Cochran (Silver U23M4-, Bronze ISYM8+)
Sarah Steger (Silver U19W4X-)
Amy Walters (Bronze OWL4X-)
Sam Hughes (Bronze ISYM8+)
Zak Campbell (Bronze ISYM8+)
TC Maguire (Bronze ISYM8+)

Full results of the Nationals regatta can be found here:

Congratulations to all WARC athletes on a successful campaign!

Memberships and Quiz Night

Just a quick reminder that memberships for 2011 are due on April 1st. Email me at for a registration pack if you don't have one, and make sure your membership fees are paid off so you can hit the ground running for the coming season!

Finally, reserve Friday April 15th in your diaries - WARC"s famed quiz night will be returning for 2011. Can the Vikings maintain their winning streak with their talisman Crusty leading the charge? Or can a team of young upstarts finally get the better of them?

Pennant Table

UWABC - 160.7
WARC - 104.5
SRRC - 101.5
FRC - 94.5
ANARC - 83.7
CUBC - 42.6
BRC - 36.2
MURC - 10.5
CLBC - 7.9
PRC - 7.8

Next regatta:
Guildford to Garratt Headrace,
April 10,

Fundraising Cash at Bank

(at 15 Feb 2011)

Busy Bee / Season Kickoff

There is a club busy bee on Saturday April 2nd, from 8:00am onwards, followed by a squad meeting to kick off the winter season. All athletes intending to compete this winter should attend if possible. If you're new to the club and are thinking of getting involved, now is the time! Contact me at to find out which program is best for you.

For the Diary...

Sun March 27 - LMC regatta
Sat April 2 - Busy bee, Winter squad meeting
Mon April 4 - Winter season starts!
Sun April 10
- Guildford to Garratt Headrace
Fri April 15 - WARC Quiz Night

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain Michael Jones at

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