Amazon ready to supplant Shomi. CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais blasted Rogers and Shaw for shutting down their answer to Netflix, wondering aloud if their “protected ecosystem” prevented them from “rolling up their sleeves" to try and succeed outside of the regulatory framework. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video is evidently coming to Canada the day after its would-be rival shuts down. Amusingly, the news first leaked out through a tweet from the star of Amazon’s new marquee motoring show:

Hamilton video store owner thinks his business is worth a quarter million. Mohammad Dirani would rather be a physiotherapist than wait for the lights to turn off at Select Video, so he’s holding a contest in the hopes that 1,500 people will each pay an entry fee of $175. The stunt is an attempt to avoid the usual fate of video stores, like Toronto’s Suspect Video, which liquidate rather than try and find a buyer.

The ghost of a grindhouse is gone for good. The Yonge Cinemas have vacated their home at 373 Yonge, pending demolition for two condo towers. The space was best known as the Rio Theatre from 1943 through 1992. The storefront then became a Granada TV rental showroom before being converted into an adult video and novelty store, with screening rooms above. Daily Xtra mourns the loss of one of Yonge Street's last monuments to pre-internet skeez, noting the fact that patrons didn’t have to enter through the front door:

Police chief’s judgment on everything questioned after cop car switchback. Former police services board chair Alok Mukherjee thinks the Toronto Police Service's reversal of its move to order a bunch of stealthy grey cop cars is characteristic of the types of decisions being made by chief Mark "No Deep Thought" Saunders.

Facebook needs a fact-check for the age of President Trump. BuzzFeed Canada editor Craig Silverman’s latest research shows fake election news websites outperformed real news in the months leading up to voting day. Also deserving of suspicion: stories sourced entirely from first-person Facebook posts, like the marketer who shared a wonderful tale of multicultural cooperation on the subway, which was quickly churned into a CBC News story that's now garnered over 26,000 shares:

“She’s Canadian, and with Trump coming in, we didn’t want to risk being separated by new immigration laws.” Corey Feldman gets the American celebrity emigration thing totally backwards with his announcement of his engagement to girlfriend Courtney Anne, a Kelowna native. Moving to Toronto, like so many other high-profile types have threatened to do, would make Feldman one of the city’s most famous residents. (But only in Vegas could he throw a profiteering public engagement party.)

Scrabble wasn’t technically the game the school trustee was playing. Gerri Gershon made it to the cover of the Toronto Sun for messing with a Scrabble-like app on her smartphone during a public meeting about the impact of construction at a Yonge and Eglinton school. But only the Toronto Star report specified what she was in fact apologizing for playing: the once-more-popular knock-off app Words with Friends.

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