It’s like New York run by the Swiss bankers. Peter Ustinov’s slightly distorted quote about Toronto from three decades ago deserves an extra word now that Toronto is one of the world's seven priciest housing markets relative to salary. And with that sticker shock comes a new era of tales of yearing to leave:

"Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?” Donald Trump gave Justin Trudeau a quote for the ages. But distractions on Parliament Hill threaten to move in a different direction, thanks to the unearthing of a claim by a Creston, B.C. reporter that Trudeau apologized for groping her in 2000.

Recapping the Toronto Sun’s path to Premier Doug Ford. Postmedia provincial election plans to oust the Liberals were mostly made manifest, with the Ontario PCs taking the greatest shine to the Sun's stories about NDP candidates opposed to Remembrance Day poppies. (But nothing could possibly beat the headline “HITLER HAUNTS THE NDP.”) As the attack angles were flailing toward the finish line, a Sun columnist endorsed Andrea Horwath, leading a colleague to question his sanity:

Space, Gusto and Bravo replaced by circle, square and triangle. Bell Media will perch the CTV logo atop its Comedy Network and rebrand three other stations, which will now be known as CTV Sci-Fi, CTV Life and CTV Drama. The changes spell the end of the names Bravo and Space—two lingering remnants of CHUM Limited’s rush to conquer cable.

Sex and the City in the age of clickbait. The HBO show is 20 years old, making now the perfect time for reheated takes about its legacy. But the Canadian syntax of one of the show's stars, based on podcasts, earned her some individual praise:

“Crappy Tire” and “Jesus Murphy” get international interpretations. If you ever wondered how non-Canadian artists would interpret terms like “bunnyhug” or “peelers,” or make sense of national concepts like “double-double” and “homo milk” without consulting Google, then here's your chance to see the sketched-out results:

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A new hashtag campaign from the city parks department is reminding dog owners to put brown stuff in the green bin.

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