Running with the reality of 25 wards. Josh Matlow and Joe Mihevc, neither one a fan of the city council cut, are now both re-registered in St. Paul’s—making it one of nine redrawn wards where two sitting councillors are running against one another. The probable electoral overhaul also inspired John Filion, who just stopped a sex-doll brothel in Willowdale, to change his mind about retiring from city hall this fall:

Ontario Place might be the place for Doug Ford to realize his dream of a Ferris wheel. The premier’s waterfront concepts were a staple of his stint on city council. But now he has the power to see something through. Queen’s Park sources fed the Toronto Star a promise that Ford’s comments at the opening of the CNE, about returning Ontario Place to life, foreshadow a shakeup of past plans.

Better chug that Buck-a-Beer while you still can. President’s Choice’s week-long dollar daze might be a distant memory—but still lingering is the theory that Loblaw’s eagerness to sell buck-a-beer was really about currying favour with the premier to get a piece of the cannabis retail market. And, despite some craft brewers decrying the stunt, the president of their association argues it was a first step toward dismantling the big beer cartel. After all, this cheaper craft brand seems to have sold well everywhere:

“I’m just very excited and honoured to be part of something that continues a conversation in this day and age.” Drake delivered some feelings in a video introduction to the TIFF premiere of a police-shooting drama he executive produced, Monsters and Men. But his failure to be there in person made the screening yet another sudden Drizzy no-show.

Frank Gehry is getting things built everywhere but here. Plans for those proposed Mirvish + Gehry condo skyscrapers on King West seem to have stalled after the project was bought by Great Gulf. Whether or not the project is realized, Toronto-born Gehry’s design for the Grand complex in L.A. will be breaking ground soon. And, in Menlo Park, it took less than 18 months to manifest this sketch:

The last days of the dishevelled shelves of Jacobs Hardware. After 94 years at 401 Queen West, the eternal blast from the past is preparing to close. Current owner Larry Krupski claimed a resurgence in business from the condo crowd in 2014, but was also realistic about the future. Now it's going—although maybe the sign is worth saving:

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