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CDP Government Relations Newsletter


Investor CDP

Investor CDP is the largest collaboration of investors in the world. Over 534 institutional investors with assets of US$64 trillion are signatories to Investor CDP. On their behalf, CDP issues an annual information request on climate change to more than 4,700 of the world's largest companies.

CDP has launched several Investor CDP reports in the last couple of months with considerable government participation and support. This includes:

CDP Global Report

CDP Global Report & Launch: Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Martha Johnson, Administrator of the General Services Administration delivered speeches at CDP's Global launch in New York. "The Carbon Disclosure Project is the future of business what the X-ray was to the then future of medicine. Without it we would never see the insight of the patient's health." Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

CDP Europe Report

CDP Europe Report & Launch: Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action delivered the keynote speech at CDP's Europe 300 Report launch in Brussels. Commissioner Hedegaard also provided a foreword for the report. "The EU's long-term goal is to cut emissions by 80-95% by 2050. This process will eventually impact on companies big and small across all sectors. Joining the Carbon Disclosure Project is a way for businesses to prepare themselves for this transition - and maximise their chances of profiting from it." Connie Hedegaard, Commissioner for Climate Action, European Commission

CDP China Report

CDP China Report & Launch: Senior government representatives, including Long Yingbin, Division Chief at the Bureau of Foreign Affairs and Zhang Kunmin from the Ministry of Environmental Protection delivered excellent speeches at CDP's China Report launch, which was also filmed by China State Television (CCTV). "Through CDP, we could let the outside world know more about what has been done in terms of CSR and saving energy and combating climate change by Chinese companies. I wish CDP's success in China." Long Yingbin, Division Chief at the Bureau of Foreign Affairs, China

CDP Germany Report

CDP Germany Report & Launch: Dr Norbert Röttgen, Federal Minister of the Environment in Germany wrote the foreword to CDP's German Report, which was launched in Frankfurt.
"The Carbon Disclosure Project is making a crucial contribution towards the development and implementation of business strategies which are required in a low-emission economy".
Dr Norbert Röttgen, Minister of the Environment, Germany

CDP India Report

CDP India Report & Launch: Suresh Shetty, the Honourable Minister for Public Health, Family Welfare and Environment from the Government of Maharashtra delivered the key note speech at the launch of CDP's India Report in Mumbai. The foreword of CDP's India Report was written by Jairam Ramesh - a Congress Member of Parliament in India. "I am delighted to learn that the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is releasing its fourth India Report. This report is important in many ways. Voluntary disclosure initiatives, such as the CDP, help us challenge our limits for improvement and can serve as a basis for future technological innovations that can lower our carbon intensity without affecting economic growth, which is a key requirement." Jairam Ramesh, Congress Member of Parliament, India

CDP Netherlands Report

CDP Netherlands Report & Launch: Hugo von Meijenfeldt, Deputy Director General at the Ministry of the Environment in the Netherlands wrote the foreword to CDP's Netherlands Report, which was launched in Amsterdam. "The Carbon Disclosure Project plays an important role in raising awareness about the importance of greenhouse gas emissions performance. It helps corporations to report, monitor and ultimately manage carbon performance. CDP's research and standard carbon reporting framework for corporations helps investors assess the current and potential carbon exposure of companies and to benchmark enterprises to their peers." Hugo von Meijenfeldt, Deputy Director General, Ministry of the Environment, Netherlands

CDP Nordic Report

CDP Nordic Report & Launch: Jyrki Katainen, the Finnish Minister of Finance spoke at the Helsinki launch and Anders Wijkman, the former MEP for Sweden, delivered a speech at the Stockholm launch. Tarja Halonen, the President of Finland wrote the foreword for CDP's Nordic report. "It is relevant to report and measure, because what you measure is what you manage. The Carbon Disclosure Project is a concrete example on this… Disclosing emission data increases transparency and accountability, it enables investors, customers and consumers, as well as authorities to assess and take better informed decisions. It is a tool to drive towards a low carbon economy." Tarja Halonen, President, Finland

CDP UK Report

CDP UK Report & Launch: CDP launched its 10 year anniversary video at the launch of the CDP's UK Report in London. Various government speakers participated in the video including: Lord Adair Turner, Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change and Yvo de Boer, the former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. "Over the last 10 years, the Carbon Disclosure Project has played a great role in getting businesses and finance to focus on the issue of carbon emissions. And the great insight is to realise that what gets measured, gets managed." Lord Adair Turner, Chair, Committee on Climate Change, UK

Reports can be downloaded here. For more information, please contact Sue Howells, CDP's Head of Global Operations at sue.howells@cdproject.net.

CDP Public Procurement

CDP's Public Procurement programme provides a way for national and local governments to better understand the climate change risks they face through the supply chain and work towards building a resilient, low carbon government supply chain.

CDP Public Procurement CDP recently launched its Public Procurement Report at The Guardian's Office in London. The report was written for the UK Government and GLA group and is available in an interactive format. The key findings from the report include that government suppliers disclosing in 2010 have estimated that they have achieved over £200 million annual savings globally from carbon reduction activities and they are anticipating further savings of £750 million in the near future. The foreword was written by Oliver Letwin, Minister of State for the Cabinet Office (UK), where he outlined the key benefits of the programme. Lord Chris Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency (UK) delivered the keynote speech at the launch event. Click here to view the CDP Public Procurement interactive report.

"By measuring and disclosing carbon emissions, both Government and business can discover where the big energy losses are in the supply chain of Government procurement – and we can then begin to work together to reduce technology, re-engineering of production and distribution processes, and innovative approaches to procurement. And this, of course, is just what the 2010 Carbon Disclosure Project has enabled us all to do." Oliver Letwin, Minister of State for the Cabinet Office, UK

"Being open, being encouraged to be open, leads to changes in behaviour. That's what the Carbon Disclosure Project is all about." Lord Chris Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency, UK

For more information, please contact Sonya Bhonsle, Senior Account Manager – CDP Public Procurement at sonya.bhonsale@cdproject.net.

CDP Supply Chain

CDP Supply Chain helps global corporations (such as Ford, Unilever and Walmart) to understand the impacts of climate change across the supply chain, harnessing their collective purchasing power to encourage suppliers to: measure and disclose climate change information, set reduction targets and make performance improvements.

CDP Supply Chain At the launch of CDP's Supply Chain Report, CDP also published its supply chain and public procurement video. Siemens, Dell, Walmart and other leading business representatives shared their views on the cooperation of businesses and government. Various government speakers also participated in the video including: Martha Johnson, Administrator of the General Services Administration (USA) and Henry Bellingham, Parliamentary under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK). The report can be downloaded here.

"Through CDP, large buyers, such as Her Majesty's Government and large multinational companies, are working together to set a good example in their procurement practices. Together they send a strong message to suppliers that it is in their interest to reduce their carbon footprint. This is crucial for a transition to a low carbon economy." Henry Bellingham, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK

For more information, please contact Dexter Galvin, Senior Account Manager - CDP Supply Chain at dexter.galvin@cdproject.net.

CDP Water Disclosure

CDP Water Disclosure provides critical water-related data from the world's largest corporations on the risks and opportunities companies face in relation to water, such as companies' water management plans and governance; as well as water usage and exposure to water stress in companies' own operations and their supply chains.

CDP Water DisclosureCDP launched the first Global Report for CDP Water Disclosure at Bloomberg in London. 150 companies out of a total of 302 (50%) invited from the Global 500 responded to the CDP Water Disclosure questionnaire. This is a very strong response rate for the programme's first year. The launch was a great success and included a keynote speech by Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency. The report can be downloaded here.

"It is encouraging to see in the CDP Water Disclosure Report that many corporations have already started taking concrete measures. But we must facilitate this process by developing appropriate standards and tools to measure corporate water use and impacts across the whole supply chain."Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of European Environment Agency, Europe

For more information, please contact Marcus Norton, Head of CDP Water Disclosure at marcus.norton@cdproject.net.

CDP Cities

CDP Cities provides a global platform that allows city governments to publicly disclose their GHG emissions data, analysis of climate change risks / opportunities and adaptation plans. It allows city governments to facilitate the sharing of emissions data, as well as providing valuable insights into the strategies deployed by cities in relation to climate change.

CDP CitiesCDP recently launched its Cities Programme and a new report entitled 'The Case for City Disclosure'. The report details how standard disclosure from local governments can help cities share best practice, manage risk, increase operational effectiveness and cost savings, as well as attracting investment, fostering innovation and ultimately leading to safer, more prosperous cities. The report can be downloaded here. Boris Johnson (Mayor of London), David Miller (Mayor of Toronto) and Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City) have all supported CDP's Cities programme.

"The City of New York joins the world's leading corporations in providing a complete, accurate accounting of its carbon emissions, the strategies it is employing to mitigate those emissions, and the results of its efforts through CDP. This partnership between the world's major corporations and, increasingly, its cities, highlights the importance of the cooperative action needed to successfully counter climate change." Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, City of New York, USA

For more information, please contact Conor Riffle, Head of CDP Cities at conor.riffle@cdproject.net.


CDP/PWC Report on the Costs and Benefits of Measuring and Reporting Corporate Emissions (UK)

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) (UK) commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and CDP to conduct a research study on the costs and benefits of corporate GHG emissions reporting; as well as assessing the impact of corporate emissions reporting in helping the UK to achieve emission reductions and the development of broader corporate climate change strategies. CDP contributed a chapter about climate change-related reporting issues. The key findings from the report include:

  • Most large companies, which are measuring and reporting their GHG emissions, are experiencing net benefits, such as cost savings and energy efficiencies;
  • Some respondents (around 14%) quantified energy cost savings of over £200,000, suggesting that the benefits could be substantial for some companies;
  • Many businesses believe the benefits outweigh the costs of reporting and that the costs are not financially material to the business; and
  • The majority of businesses (65%) are spending up to £50,000 on reporting GHG emissions and over 50% are spending less than £50,000 on measurement.

The research will help inform the UK government's decision on whether to mandate reporting of GHG emissions in the UK. The report can be downloaded here. For more information, please contact CDP's Head of Government Relations at cassie.chessum@cdproject.net.

CDP Report on Corporate Investment in Clean Energy (Brazil, China, India and South Africa)

CDP conducted a research project for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) – an international body funded by national governments - into corporate investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Brazil, China, India and South Africa. This was based on CDP disclosures and additional interviews. Key findings from the report include:

  • High-level policy signals and specific regulations are necessary and useful; and
  • The Clean Development Mechanism has made a contribution and consideration should be given to its future role.

The report is available for download here.

CDP Report on Carbon Disclosure (China)

CDP has written a paper on carbon disclosure in China, commissioned by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). It outlines the benefits and opportunities for the systematic reporting of corporate carbon emissions and climate change strategies. It aims to address any potential concerns about carbon disclosure, so the Chinese Government can consider its adoption.

For more information, please contact Li Rusong, Director, CDP China at li.rusong@cdproject.net.


CDP Response to EU Consultation on the Disclosure of Non-financial Information (Europe)

CDP has responded to an EU consultation on the disclosure of non-financial information by companies, outlining that the current regime should be improved. The response highlights that (in the first instance) large listed companies should be required to disclose non-financial information and that it should be rolled out to other companies over time (as part of a phased approach). For more information, please contact Cassie Chessum, CDP's Head of Government Relations at cassie.chessum@cdproject.net.

CDP Response to the Singapore Exchange's Consultation on Sustainability Reporting (Singapore)

The Singapore (Stock) Exchange (SGX) issued a "Policy Statement on Sustainability Reporting" and proposed a guide for its listed companies to use in formulating their sustainability reporting. CDP responded to the consultation regarding sustainability disclosure for firms listed on SGX. In the response, CDP encouraged sustainability disclosures to enable investors to assess the future prospects of the organisation, as well as its past performance. They suggested that sustainability disclosure should support the adoption of internationally accepted frameworks on sustainability reporting. For more information, please contact Cassie Chessum, CDP's Head of Government Relations at cassie.chessum@cdproject.net.

CDP Response to the Consultation on the Future of Narrative Reporting (UK)

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) in the UK issued a consultation paper seeking views on issues relating to corporate narrative reporting. This follows the announcement in the Coalition Agreement to "reinstate an Operating and Financial Review to ensure that directors' social and environmental duties have to be covered in company reporting and investigate further ways of improving corporate accountability and transparency".

CDP responded to the consultation, highlighting CDSB's Climate Change Reporting Framework as an excellent example of the type of guidance and standardisation process that might ultimately help with some of the disclosures. For more information, please contact Cassie Chessum, CDP's Head of Government Relations at cassie.chessum@cdproject.net.


COP 16, Cancun (International)

CDP sent a delegation to COP16 and launched CDP's Latin America 2010 Executive Summary at a side event in Cancun . CDP's Executive Chairman, Paul Dickinson was interviewed on CNBC about the conference. CDP also wrote various blogs on the Green Biz website. To read the blogs, visit: http://www.greenbiz.com/climate/engage/blogs. For more information, please contact Cassie Chessum, CDP's Head of Government Relations at cassie.chessum@cdproject.net.

Letters to UK Government on Mandatory Carbon Reporting (UK)

CDP co-signed an open letter to Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) (UK), which recommends the introduction of mandatory carbon reporting that is consistent with international standards for large companies by 2012. The letter was also signed by leading UK businesses, various NGOs, politicians and academics. The letter was published in the Financial Times. A follow-up letter signed by over 180 organisations, including CDP was sent to Caroline Spelman, Chris Huhne and Vince Cable; the Secretaries of State for DEFRA, the Department of Energy and Climate Change and BIS– with the relevant ministers (Lord Henley, Greg Barker and Ed Davey) copied in. For more information, please contact Cassie Chessum, CDP's Head of Government Relations at cassie.chessum@cdproject.net.

CDP Participates on Climate Change Committee (Germany)

CDP is part of a Climate Change Dialogue Committee in Germany (led by Dr. Norbert Röttgen, the German Federal Environment Minister), which aims to discuss the technological possibilities and alternatives to reducing carbon emissions. The Committee also includes representatives from the German Environmental Ministry, financial institutions and industry. Caspar von Blomberg, Managing Director of CDP Europe participates in the Climate Change and Industry working group, which is assessing corporate carbon reporting. The working groups have finalised their work and issued a paper summarising the results, recommending different options to implement mandatory reporting in Germany. For more information, please contact Caspar von Blomberg, Managing Director, CDP Europe at caspar.blomberg@cdproject.net.

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