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Welcome Fairhair Alliance!


IEEE-ISTO Announces Formation of The Fairhair Alliance 

New member program facilitates transition of lighting and building automation ecosystems into the Internet of Things 

The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), an international federation of leading industry groups and consortia dedicated to the advancement of standardized technologies for the benefit of industry, recently announced its newest member alliance program—The Fairhair Alliance.

Fairhair Alliance

Comprised of leading Lighting, Building Automation and IT industry companies, the Fairhair Alliance aims to enable ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.  Fairhair will drive the transition from stand-alone, proprietary systems to a common network infrastructure for professional building automation and lighting control systems.

Read the full release on the IEEE-ISTO website.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Joins the Board of Directors

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently joined as a board member.  This allows the DHS to be engaged with commercial providers such as Microsoft, IBM, and Symantec to determine how can best support the wider software community in its efforts to evangelize software identification (SWID) tags.

The reason the DHS joined the board is to ensure that all organizations in the software market have equal access to the various tools, technology and documentation created by as well as to drive interoperability between software publishers and tool providers around the SWID tagging standard.  SWID tags are critical to cybersecurity automation efforts and as a board member, DHS has the ability to ensure that the implementation of SWID tags meets the mutually supportive goals of automation for both software licensing and cybersecurity requirements.

OpenPOWER Foundation Announces 2016 OpenPOWER Summit, “Revolutionizing the Datacenter”

2016 OpenPOWER Foundation Summit

The OpenPOWER Foundation recently announced the 2016 OpenPOWER Summit, building upon the great success of the Foundation’s inaugural Summit in 2015.

The event features speakers and demonstrations from the OpenPOWER ecosystem, including industry leaders and academia sharing their technical solutions and state of the art advancements.

The summit is co-located with the GPU Technology Conference and will be held 5-7 April 2016 in San Jose, California.  

Kantara Initiative internationalizes its Trusted Identity Services community welcoming GakuNin, Europoint, and athenahealth

Kantara InitiativeKantara Initiative recently announced further internationalization of its Identity Assurance Program welcoming GakuNin Access Federation, Europoint, and athenahealth to the Kantara league of industry leaders. The growth of the Kantara Trust Status List of services and assessors enhances opportunities for international market development.

GakuNin Access Federation is the first Kantara Accredited Assessor qualified to perform Kantara Assessments at Assurance Level 1 in the jurisdiction of Japan. GakuNin is leading the trust framework construction among various sectors in Japan including business, government, and academia.

LED drivers standardized in Zhaga Book 13

Zhaga Consortium

A broad family of LED drivers with standardized form-factors is included in the latest specification from the Zhaga Consortium.

The Zhaga Consortium has published a new specification for LED drivers that are used in combination with separate LED modules. The introduction of standardized form-factors for LED drivers is expected to bring significant benefits for LED luminaire makers, including enhanced second-sourcing options and the ability to interchange different LED modules and drivers independently.

IEEE-ISTO Member Videos

IEEE-ISTO Member Videos

The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), a federation of member programs, partners with innovative trade associations and consortia like MIPI Alliance, Wireless Power Consortium, and TALQ Consortium.  These groups are advancing standardized technologies to the benefit the mobile, wireless charging, and lighting industries respectively.  

To have your member program video added, please contact IEEE-ISTO marketing.

Mission Accomplished: SCOPE Alliance Shuts Down Operations

SCOPE Alliance

SCOPE Alliance, a group of leading Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), formed in early 2006 to promote an ecosystem that produces components of Carrier-Grade Base Platforms (CGBPs).

The SCOPE Alliance has developed applicable profiles (subsets) of existing CGBP component standards and specifications and identified gaps in these specifications.

Having succeeded in accomplishing its chartered mission, the SCOPE Alliance Board of Directors of the Alliance has elected to close the organization’s activities effective 1 November 2015.

IEEE-ISTO Value Statements


“Core values are consistent with the mission. They inform audiences of the organization’s principles…”

 - Robert C. Harris, CAE, The NonProfit Center

The IEEE-ISTO support staff is guided by four core values.  These values are vital to the success of our mission:  To facilitate the life cycle of industry standards development through a staff committed to neutrality, quality and member satisfaction.

The four values are:

As an organization and as individuals, we hold ourselves accountable to our programs and each other by honoring our commitments, while delivering high-quality results.

We work as a team with program stakeholders, collaborating to meet their strategic objectives.

Diversity & Respect
We embrace diversity and respect different points of view from all individuals with whom we interact to maintain positive and productive working relationships.

Honesty & Trustworthiness
We value honesty and integrity throughout all interactions in support of our mission to be the premier trusted partner.

IEEE-ISTO Successfully Passes Audit for 2014


The 2014 audit for ISTO and its programs have been successfully completed. All entities received an unmodified or “clean” opinion.

An unmodified opinion states that the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position, results of operations, and cash flows of the entity in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Don Wright Elected 2016 IEEE Standards Association President-Elect

Don Wright, IEEE-ISTO Chair

F. Don Wright, IEEE-ISTO Chairman, was recently elected 2016 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) President-Elect.

In his new role, Don will work with IEEE-SA volunteers and staff to set and meet high-level goals and objectives set by IEEE and IEEE-SA.

Congratulations on this tremendous achievement Don!


Sampling of IEEE-ISTO Programs

The Connected Lighting Alliance
The Fairhair Alliance
ICE Alliance
InLocation Alliance
Interconnect Modeling Technical Advisory Board (IMTAB)
Kantara Initiative
Liberty Technical Advisory Board (LTAB)
MIPI® Alliance

Nexus 5001™ Forum
OpenPOWER Foundation
Printer Working Group (PWG)
TALQ Consortium
VoiceXML Forum
Wireless Power Consortium
Zhaga Consortium

IEEE-ISTO Program News

The Fairhair Alliance

InLocation Alliance

Kantara Initiative

MIPI Alliance

Printer Working Group

Wireless Power Consortium

Zhaga Consortium

IEEE-ISTO Program Events

The Connected Lighting Alliance

6-9 January 2016 - CES

13-18 March 2016 - Light + Building

26-28 April 2016 - Lightfair International

MIPI Alliance

7-11 March 2016 - MIPI Member Meeting North America

13-17 June 2016 - MIPI Member Meeting Europe

OpenPOWER Foundation

5-7 April 2016 - OpenPOWER Summit 2016

Printer Working Group

2-3 February 2016 - PWG Meeting

26-29 February 2016 - PWG Meeting

TALQ Consortium

13-18 March 2016 - Light+Building 2016

Wireless Power Consortium

6-9 January 2016 - CES

Zhaga Consortium

13-18 March 2016 - Light + Building

13-16 April 2016 - Taiwan International Lighting Show

26-28 April 2016 - Lightfair International



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