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Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet 2019

As we said last week, January is about value, and one of the hardest times to find good value is when you’re also trying to go organic (maybe part of your New Year’s resolutions?). Normally, organic means good for the planet, but also much more expensive. Luckily, the folks at Fuzion have you covered with their Organico Malbec Cabernet. Now it’s easy to start off the new year on the right foot – a green one.

Tasting Notes: The 2019 Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet is a 100% organic blend of Malbec (60%) and Cabernet (40%), with a balanced delivery of cassis, red cherry, blackberry and spice notes. The round tannins and plush fruit give it an easy-drinking style and a long, smooth finish.

Enjoy With: Pizza and pasta dishes, burgers, leaner cuts of steak, roast chicken or pork, and semi-hard cheeses.

Style: A fruity, medium-bodied, red wine.

Terroir/Region: Organics are taking off in Argentina and the climate there is one of the reasons. The warm, dry weather and winds coming off the Andes mountains, makes growing organically an easier option as pests and vine diseases prefer the opposite environment. The ‘Zonda’ winds, warm winds that rush down the sides of the Andes, can hit 240km/hr and during these winds even vineyard workers take a break. Needless to say, it blows away any pests not wanted in your vineyard!

Producer: Fuzion has long-been a source of great wines at affordable prices, and now with the move into organics, they are stepping up quality while lowering environmental impact. The grapes for this wine are picked by hand, and the wine is bottled in light-weight glass, lowering the carbon footprint from the vineyard all the way to the LCBO shelf!

Availability: Fuzion Organico Malbec Cabernet 2019 is available in the Argentina section of your local LCBO and is $2 off until February 2! Stock up to make the start of your 2020 wine year as green as possible!


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Price: Now $10.95 Was $12.95 (save $2 until February 2, 2020)

LCBO#: 127456

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 13.9% alc./vol.