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May 2015

10 Ways to Save Water at Work

When it comes to water, every drop you save can help—here are 10 ways to conserve water at your workplace.
Also, catch up on the historic California drought, and meet the farms that received grants from The FruitGuys Community Fund.


10 Ways to Save Water in the Office

Water at the Workplace

Conserve your budget, conserve the earth

The epic drought in the West is affecting farms, businesses, and individuals. Discover 10 ways to save water in the workplace in WorkLife.

Saving Water in the Capay Valley

Full Belly Drought

At Full Belly Farm, plastic mulch has helped save water, energy, and soil

Capay Valley’s Full Belly Farm isn’t a big fan of plastics but found that plastic mulch significantly reduced their water and energy use. Read more in Farms.

Less Time to Chill


Warm winters could mean less fruit harvested in California

Warm, dry winters mean reduced fruit and nut yields for many California farmers, but the impact of these climatic changes reaches far beyond the Golden State. Read Pia Hinckle’s report in Farms.

Getting Started with Adult Team Sports

Getting fit via sport

Sports leagues help you get fit and make friends

Team sports help you spice up your fitness routine and expand your social circles. Enjoy these tips for getting started in Fitness.

Two Wheels to Work

Bicycle Commute

Safety is top concern for bicycle commute

May is National Bike Month! Here's how to ensure that your ride ends only in a smile and lots of calories burned. More in Fitness.

From Seed to Need

Grant winners 2015

Grants awarded to small sustainable farms

Small farms and agricultural nonprofits will be awarded a total of $35,643 from The FruitGuys Community Fund. Meet the Class of 2015 in GoodWorks.