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JULY 2016

Games Workplaces Play

How playing games at work can help your company get ahead. Plus, the joy of cherries, how to grill fruit, and a miniature donkey named Pinocchio. Happy Independence Day from
The FruitGuys!


Games Workplaces Play

How playing games can help your office succeed

What if work were as fun as play? Learn how playing games at work can help your bottom line in WorkLife.

Live from the Hedgerow

Reflections from Lagier Ranches, 2014 Community Fund grantee

Meet a mini donkey named Pinocchio and hear how his owners used a grant from The FruitGuys Community Fund to install native plants and attract pollinators to their farm. More in Farms.

The Everyday Guide to Grilling Fruit


How (and why) to grill every fruit, every day

Grilling fruit is easy and delicious. It caramelizes the sugars and expands the flavor. Try our delicious recipes in Food.

Tart and Sweet

A tale of two cherries

An ode to the flavors and health benefits of cherries. Explore this diminutive wonder in Food.

Ask The FruitGuys

Q: Will The FruitGuys be closed on July 4?

A: The FruitGuys will be closed and not delivering on Monday, July 4, 2016, in observance of Independence Day. All Monday deliveries will be rescheduled for Tuesday, July 5.

If you would like to donate your fruit, cancel, or reschedule your delivery for a different day, please contact our customer service department.

Call: 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) or email: info@fruitguys.com

Snack Smarter!

Introducing a smarter way to snack! Our 1-oz snack packs are the perfect‪ size to satisfy a craving, and the ideal companion to a piece of our delicious farm-fresh fruit. Visit fruitguys.com/snacks for more info. Call us now at 1-877-378-4863 or email us at info@fruitguys.com to start snacking smarter.

Weekly Fruit Videos


Every week, we provide short, fun, and informative videos about fruit that’s in your box. Videos are organized by region on our website, or you can view them on our YouTube channel or on Facebook.