“Top Conservative aide seen speaking to Rebel Media, who are banned from party convention.” This story from the Globe and Mail, about Andrew Scheer’s campaign manager Hamish Marshall, stirred much debate over its relevance. Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife defended being vigilant over “semi white nationalists,” which garnered a rebuttal from Ezra Levant, plus a button poking fun:

Leaked letter reveals immigration system stretching to the limit. Liberal minister Ahmed Hussen was naturally critical of a Conservative resolution to eliminate birthright citizenship for refugees and immigrants. But the National Post reveals a letter that Hussen wrote, in which he admits that accommodating the numbers seeking asylum is unsustainable under the existing system.

The federal environment minister was on a very loud motor boat. “Twitter may be coming to the end of its useful life,” tweeted Catherine McKenna, who recently tangled with parody accounts. Then she fed the trolls while on the water without a paddle:

Claim of province censoring talk of climate change ends up denied at the top. BlogTO had an apparent scoop based on screenshots from emails informing Ontario civil servants that the premier’s office wouldn’t approve of social media posts that acknowledged global warming. But the memo was ultimately explained as a mistake—in fact, provincial environment minister Rod Phillips claims to want climate change to be part of the conversation.

Cops worry about 830 more partiers allowed into Rebel. The legal capacity at the eastern waterfront nightclub was recently boosted to 4,565. The License Appeal Tribunal decision is raising cocern among police, because of 60 reported incidents at the club this year, including several suspected overdoses. But the capacity is still under one-third of the number in Rebel’s original licence application:

Jazz.FM91 board of directors faces some sort of reckoning. A decision to hold the station's annual general meeting on the eve of Labour Day weekend drew more suspicion about management’s tactics, specifically from broadcasting industry offspring Marie Slaight—who was presumed to be angling for control of Jazz.FM. Slaight responded by clarifying that she simply wants the station to stick around.

Word of the moment


The name of the simulated silicone brothel slated to open at Yonge and Sheppard.

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