The latest in double-double trouble. Just as Tim Hortons was striving to patch things up with aggrieved franchisees, video emerged of a woman graphically protesting a Langley, B.C., location’s refusal to let her use the restroom. Good thing a roundtable of brand strategists still have hope:

"With additional information, it is clear the anarchy symbol is not a hate symbol and efforts are being undertaken to immediately update staff training." Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger backtracked on his previous feelings about the circle A being spray-painted on anarchist club house the Tower. Along the way, at least the assertion that it was a “hate symbol” fed the speech debate from a different angle than usual of late.

We’re now into the 9/11 truther phase of the Ontario election. Liberals spent a day running a countdown to when the NDP and PCs could drop perceived problematic candidates. (The deadline arrived, and none of them were dumped.) The stunt was complicated by news of Milton candidate Parm Gill being accused of bribing a fellow PC nominee—similar to what Liberals were legally acquitted for. And then came the discovery of Amanda Yeung Collucci once posing some curious questions:

Patrick Brown’s book deleted its own sales pitch. Take Down’s blurb promised it will detail “a sensational political assassination the likes of which haven’t been seen since Julius Caesar.” From this hyperbole, Optimum Publishing International claims that “close to 200” signed and numbered $45 hardcovers were sold of a title not being printed until November. But because it’s still a work in progress, publisher Dean Baxendale reacted to the ridicule by claiming that Brown edited the Caesar stuff out.

Toronto bowtie gets back on the left side of Tucker Carlson. Justin Trudeau’s latest stateside trip, which included him referencing Pokémon Go at Yankee Stadium, put the PM back on the radar at Fox News. Recruited to support his pro-immigration comments: Stephen LeDrew, whose previous appearance about gender identity led to him being suspended by CP24, then fired for reasons that he didn't understand. This time around, LeDrew simply asked America to re-gift something from the French:

Did anyone save the sign from Mothers Sandwich Shop? Long outliving the 1970s submarine-seller at College and Spadina was its fanciful beacon, which survived many replacement retailers underneath. Google Street View shows a decade of transitioning, from Honson Computer to clothing outlet Glossy Collective to the “glass art” bong store Boroheads to the Weed the North dispensary. (The circa 1887 block has pending heritage status.) Mothers' sign is nowhere to be seen now, beyond all the photos of it:

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With this headline, Jordan Peterson finally gets profiled by the New York Times.

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