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TeleSmart Communications: 2011 Hot List - What's In and What's Out
  January 7, 2011  

Happy New Year! Welcome to our annual and popular list of What's OUT and What's IN for 2011. This list is loaded with style, sports, politics, entertainment, gossip and, oh yeah, sales stuff.

And speaking of sales stuff...Inside Sales is bursting at the seams — by doubling and tripling the size of their organizations. But spotting the right inside sales talent who can sell to the socially smart buyer is top priority. Get smart! Download our 11 in 11 Trend Report.

What's Out and What's In
Call campaigns and blitzes Inbound leads through lead nurturing
Zombies Ballerinas
Hunters Sales Snipers
Scott Brown Marco Rubio
Adam Dunn Jason Werth
Sales-Driven Process Buyers-Driven Process
Celebvocacy Fundraising
Pop-ups and mobile food trucks Retail malls
Mancession Employed Boomers
Four Loko Alcoholic Whipped Cream
Mark Zuckerberg Ethan Zuckerman
Speakeasies Tiki lounges
Buy Rent
Economic Crisis Economic Stagnation
No-Po's clogging up forecasts Customers 2.0
Camilla Kate
Lady Gaga Dalai Lama
Identify Theft Tabnapping
iPad Apple iNewton
The Palin Family Modern Family
Robert Gates Colin Powell
Cupcakes Macaroons & Meatless Mondays
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) NFO (Needs Feed Optimization)

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