Canadian baseball gets an infamous new image. The snowstorm at the first-ever Blue Jays game ushered in years of dreaming about building a dome. But no one anticipated a game being postponed because of ice chunks falling from the CN Tower:

Politicians aren’t ready to quit Facebook. Targeted campaign advertising on the platform is expected to continue, because nobody has invented anything better. Facebook Canada is doing all it can to make sure that continues to be true: MPs set to question the company about the Cambridge Analytica scandal on Thursday in Ottawa have been offered an unusual “courtesy pre-brief” behind closed doors.

“We’ll ask those very top income earners, like Doug Ford, and those very profitable corporations, like Doug Ford’s corporation, to pay a little bit more so that the rest of us can build a good life.” Andrea Horwath’s unveiling of the Ontario NDP platform couldn’t avoid putting it in the context of Doug—who countered with a PC promise that minimum wage earners won’t have to pay provincial income tax. Meanwhile, the Toronto Star found some completely unapologetic DoFo fans worried about the costs of living with six kids:

Bill Cosby’s lawyer continues to depict Andrea Constand as a con artist. Cross-examination of the Toronto woman, who won a $3.4 million settlement from America’s Dad, attempted to affirm the defence theory that it was all a setup. A witness for Cosby’s defence, Marguerite Jackson, is expected to testify that Constand expressed ambitions to frame a celebrity. (Constand has denied knowing Jackson.)

ROM Crystal about to be drowned out by more pleasant stuff. Daniel Libeskind’s disparaged structure—last featured in a museum meme about Avengers: Infinity War—will become the backdrop for upgrades that make more of its surroundings:

Donations save the hot dog stand outside Robarts Library. An evident mishap during the ice storm led to a rapid roasting for a cart that serves a fast-food-deprived corner of U of T. Starving student cash to put it back together was quickly collected:

Humboldt Broncos tribute controversy goes to kindergarten. Kids dressed in hockey jerseys at Summitview Public School in Stouffville last Thursday were ordered to take them off. A teacher sent them home with a note explaining that she was uncomfortable discussing the tragic bus collision that inspired Jersey Day. And now the media knows.

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Drake announced his next album title, just as one of his singles was replaced by another atop the Billboard Hot 100.

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