The meta-debate over the Ontario election. The writ being drawn up means advertising is in full flight: Liberal-bashing Ontario Proud now has an agrarian parody in Ontario Plowed. The union-backed Working Ontario Women, meanwhile, has caught flak for exaggerating claims of prior Conservative healthcare cuts. But it’s increasingly unclear what constitutes a third-party ad:

TTC tales of creepy crustaceans and a creepier audio Inferno. “Leave your crabs in your bucket,” offered TTC spokesman Brad Ross after a sighting of live ones riding a crowded subway. The more complicated TTC mystery of the week, involving a talking elevator at Dundas West, turned out to be a Dan Brown audiobook that a collector was listening to in the booth, then forgot to turn off after a call.

“We can’t be a department store anymore.” The future of the Toronto Star was discussed in editorially vague terms by its CEO John Boynton at Torstar's annual general meeting, where the company promised to spend $11 million to $13 million in 2018 on transformation efforts. The Walrus thinks some of that money will be spent trying to emulate Daniel Dale’s success as a fact-checker:

Rebel Media spent $36,000 to get a punching protester to pay $3,500 in damages. The Rebel's Alberta bureau chief, Sheila Gunn Reid, was attacked at a women’s march by a man who pleaded guilty to assault. But then The Rebel slapped the guy with a civil suit. And now Dion Bews has his name on a website that links to a page where people can donate to cover the legal fees spent to sue him. The shaming merited a retweet from Roseanne Barr.

“Jordan Peterson’s people are not who you think they are.” Maclean’s tries a different angle on the JBP phenomenon by hanging out with his fans, including pickup artist turned dating coach Chris “Tenmagnet” Shepherd, who's well-suited to follow Peterson into trifling arguments on Twitter. Peterson himself was busy speaking with the Seattle Seahawks, in a suit straight out of senior prom:

The real price of asking for a free ticket to meet your internet girlfriend. Air Canada will be flying C.J. Poirier from Michigan to Newfoundland on Monday despite the fact that he fell more than 498,000 short of his retweet challenge. After this epic failure was amplified, @AirCanada begged the likes of @Drake and @JustinTrudeau to care—yet the best they could get was help from a platonic pair that the airline previously flew around for free:

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Cara Operations, which recently added The Keg to its group of restaurant brands, will be changing its name to this.

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