“It has nothing to do with striking fear into animals or anything like that.” Fearless Meat was the focus of a lunchtime vegan activist protest in the Upper Beaches. David Brown, the owner who had added veggie burgers to the menu, was surprised to end up following in the hoofsteps of Antler:

Doug Ford revives the promise of “Subways, Subways, Subways.” A claim that the subway will one day extend to Pickering and Markham sounds on-brand for the premier-designate, even though his team clarified that they’re open to other options. The quiet axing of the Green Energy Fund probably more accurately reflects what’s to come from his office.

Toronto Star ends a 126-year run of male editors-in-chief. Irene Gentle got a promotion and will be replacing Michael Cooke at the top of the masthead. The Star’s coverage of the change emphasizes the glass-ceiling-shattering milestone, despite the fact that both the Post and the Sun already have women as EICs. Meanwhile, a Star reporter accompanied Frank D’Angelo to the premiere of The Joke Thief:

#MeToo and the Arts coming to the ROM for a reason. Plans to exhibit works by the late Indian photographer Raghubir Singh were complicated by sexual assault claims. Rather than cancel Modernism in the Ganges, though, the ROM will have a concurrent free display starting July 21 that details what Singh has been accused of.

“We must value a woman’s pain above a man’s reputation.” Alicia Elliott’s op-ed for the Globe and Mail was criticial of the paper's coverage of Steven Galloway being awarded $167,000 by UBC. But another writer has detailed every step of this saga:

Something is about to happen at CHUM FM. The radio station is teasing a big on-air announcement. Some speculation surrounds the morning run of Roger Ashby (who’s been working for CHUM since 1969) and Marilyn Denis, his radio partner of 32 years. She got lots of online love after reuniting with her prom date—and yet again for marrying him:

Stouffville mayor wasn’t invited to the opening of a washroom. Justin Altmann has been told to steer clear of the ribbon-cutting for a barrier-free accessible washroom trailer, which the mayor helped raise funds for at his wedding. (His wife, Jenny, is currently running for town council alongside him.) The sanctions forcing Altmann to stay away owe it all to those scrawls on his office washroom wall.

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The name of the massive U.S. anti-terrorist database that Canada turns out to be using at its borders

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