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LiveLighter for Professionals News - June 2017

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Welcome to the June edition of LiveLighter for Professionals.

In this edition, we've got health professional training opportunities on the sensitive topic of body weight. We'll also reveal new research into the effectiveness of advertising targeting obesity and highlight a new campaign from the team behind That Sugar Film.


- From the team at LiveLighter

Training: Talking to patients about weight

Talking about body weight is a sensitive topic, so we're hosting training for health professionals to explore respectful and effective ways to guide patients through the behaviour change process in regards to their nutrition and physical activity choices.

Using the 5A’s framework, this training allows participants to increase their skills and confidence in discussing weight management with patients.

The training is free online for health professionals across Australia (details here).

Face-to-face training is also available for health professionals in Victoria (details here).

While we're on the topic, this blog post highlights the importance of effective weight loss conversations.

More sizzle, less sausage

We know that sausage sizzles aren’t the healthiest food option – but they’re a catering and fundraising staple for a lot of organisations.

Nadine, a Health Promotion Officer in Perth, sent us this pic from one of her recent events.

Corn sizzles are a delicious and easy option. They don’t have to replace the sausages… having healthier options available is the first step.

You can even serve them with cheese, lime and chilli for a Mexican twist! You can find more healthy BBQ recipes, like these BBQ vegies, at www.LiveLighter.com/au/recipe

6 Spoons in June

LiveLighter is excited to support 6 Spoons in June, a new campaign from the team at That Sugar Film. 6 Spoons in June is about freeing ourselves from our dependence on sugar. They've developed some handy tools to help us gradually reduce our sugar intake over four weeks, and swap over-sweetened food for healthier foods that are just as tasty. Take the challenge - your health will thank you.

Supported by Government of Western Australia - Department of Health, Heart Foundation and Cancer Council of Western Australia