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23 July 2015 - maths for life

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I’ve just returned from Australia and Singapore where I have been very fortunate to meet leaders in the design of curriculum, assessment, resources, and professional development. I had the opportunity to share thinking to date on Cambridge Mathematics and to understand in greater depth the context and culture in which colleagues are working. All of which will help to make the planning of the Cambridge Mathematics Framework more sensitive to the cultural differences which distinguish learners and their teachers across the world.

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Question 5 - maths for life

It is through discussion and, sometimes, argument that we refine our understanding and stances. Question five takes an email from David Wells, author and former maths teacher, as its starting point.

Since so much of what is learnt in mathematics classrooms remains unused by the majority of adults, is there something different and better we could be offering to our young people?

Your thoughts welcome.

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