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September 2015

Office Lunch Hacks

Got a hankering for a gourmet meal and only the office microwave to make it in? Check out our guide to office kitchen food hacks. Plus, read why a fitness coach hires a coach, about office stretches, and more.


Hacking the Lunchroom


Simple lunch solutions for office kitchens

Lunch should be fresh, healthy, and delicious—but cooking in an office kitchen has its challenges. A few food hacks can make your meals the envy of your coworkers. Mark Saltveit tells you how in Food.

Quick Office Stretches


How to stay loose on the job

To feel more refreshed during a long day at the office, try some stretching routines! Check out our seated and standing stretches in Health.

BYO Awesomeness


How to win the office potluck

When it comes to office potlucks, it’s a badge of honor if your serving dish is empty at the end of the event. Enjoy these tips for a successful potluck offering in WorkLife.

Why a Coach Hires a Coach


Getting ready for the marathon should be half the fun

Even coaches need coaches. With a marathon looming, Miriam Wolf found a coach to help take her running to a new level. She shares her story in Fitness.


Q: Will The FruitGuys be closed on Labor Day?

A: The FruitGuys will be closed and not delivering on Mon, Sept 7, 2015 in observance of Labor Day. All Mon deliveries will be rescheduled for Tues or Weds, Sept 8–9. Email for more info or call 1-877-FRUIT-ME.