Vegandale Brewery failed to live up to its brand. Controversy about turning part of Parkdale into a plant-foodie sanctuary got some new grist. A woman with a severe dairy allergy discovered that some “vegan seasoning” was cross-contaminated:

Oshawa kids like swiping their parents’ baked edibles. Durham police sounded the alarm in May when a sixth grader twice brought cannabis cookies to school, making some in the class feel “dizzy and euphoric.” A similar incident happened again in Oshawa, involving seventh or eighth graders. Both times, before and after recreational legalization, police noted the parents had medical licences.

“We don’t need to be lectured by his ministers, we need to talk about things that matter to people in each of our provinces.” Doug Ford is ready to walk out of the first ministers’ meeting in Montreal if he doesn’t get to discuss “the job-killing carbon tax.” Meanwhile, the appointment of Ron Taverner as OPP commissioner continues to be scrutinized—a photo apparently featuring him and DoFo looking ecstatic is getting a good workout:

BiWay founder says that he’s seen the future of BiWay. Mal Coven, founder of the defunct low-end discount chain, claims to have a North York location secured for the company's revival. The new BiWay will be some sort of dollar store to the power of 10.

Cadillac Fairview is fixing the building that was wrecked by Woolworth’s. Plans to restore the Eaton Centre-adjacent building at 2 Queen West, which later housed Tower Records, got more expensively complex upon the realization of how much the structure had decayed over 120 years:

Michael Kesterton dead at 72. The veteran Globe and Mail staffer started the Facts & Arguments page news nugget column in 1990, which continued until mid-2013, when he acknowledged that “Social Studies” was only meant to be a placeholder name.

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